Big relief for commuters!


The recent change of traffic routes in the Don Bosco area has brought in much needed relief and respite to an otherwise frustrating and challenging situation. It has come as a big relief to many who are now able to move freely with only a minimal wait time to get to the next point. One commends the Traffic Police Department for always being on the lookout for better and more efficient ways of addressing the traffic problems in the city. It is truly a wonder to see the Don Bosco Square so much freer these days and how quickly the vehicles seem to move. Kudos to the men and women in blue! I am aware that there are those who, may be missing their favourite route or are used to waiting in the car forever routine, who are complaining about or are criticising this change unendingly. Well, what can we say? It is human nature to do so.

But if I can offer my two cents worth of advice, maybe it’s time that we become more pro-active, positive and constructive in our approach to such matters. The Traffic Police Department is one of the most alive units everywhere and maybe it is time that they are appreciated and applauded for putting in their might and mane for our comfort and convenience.

So instead of cursing the darkness (or the light in this case) let’s all pick up a candle and light it and work together on making the streets of our city jam-free.

Yours etc.,

Phrangsngi Majaw,


Extortion by weigh-bridges


The Hynniewtrep Truck Owners’ Union, is facing lots of difficulties in transacting its daily business because those manning the weigh-bridges of Meghalaya Government are extorting excessive amounts of money from the members of our Union. The money collected at the weighbridge ranges from Rs 1000 to 2500 per truck. Our members have even approached the owner of the weighbridge at Amsarin, Ratacherra, Umtyra in Jaintia Hills to consider our plea. But surprisingly, the managers of the weighbridges took the names of John Kharshiing and other powerful people who are at the helms of affairs in the State government saying that the money is collected on their instruction and at their behest too. They even sent us to John Kharshiing and told us to negotiate with him.

On behalf of our members, I request John Kharshiing and his colleagues to consider our plea and also to charge less money when we weigh in the weighbridges of his right hand people. Our members are doing great service to the whole of Jaintia Hills as we are transporting lots of materials to every nook and corner of the district. But by forcing us to pay huge amounts at these weighbridges we are compelled to recover our cost from the end users who are none other than the poor consumers.

Yours etc.,

Deibianglang Bang

President Hynniewtrep Truck Owners Union.

Between culture and religion 


Apropos the letter (ST February 28, 2017) written by BK Dey 5awian and also while referring to other news items appearing in other local dailies concerning the Lum Sohpetbneng , I would like to highlight here that U Lum Sohpetbneng is not the sole property of the Seng Khasi. There are more than 25 land owners who own and possess plots at the site starting right from the Umiam GS Road up to the hill top. Further, the Seng Khasi being a mere Cultural Organization has no right to claim ownership of the Khasi Religion. Therefore there are  no reasonable grounds to agitate against performance of religious and cultural activities at the site by any individual or group as long as there is no violation of decency and rule of law.

Yours etc.,

Rikynti J Nonghulloo


Innovations don’t come free


Idea is the brain child behind every creation, innovation or discovery. Every great thinker, like a philosopher, social reformer, scientist, inventor, explorer, writer, artist, politician, film maker or journalist  have all contributed significantly building on that initial idea or thought process without which no new innovation or discovery can ever happen. It is well know that the famous organic chemist Kekule visualized two snakes devouring one another with the tail of one into the mouth of the other in his dream to elucidate the resonating structure of benzene ring, a fundamental discovery that shaped the path of modern Chemistry. However, one also has to agree that great ideas  need financial support. Legendary scientist like Sir J. C. Bose or Nobel laureates like poet Rabindranath Tagore  and physicist Albert Einstein or literary giants like Edgar Allan Poe all had to suffer serious financial crisis at one point of their life that had significant impacts on their ground breaking work. Hence, it is important to appreciate the value of novel ideas but in this world of harsh economy and globalization dominated by giant multi-national corporations it is indeed quite challenging to move forward with ideas without some form of financial support to execute those invaluable ideas or to make them happen.


Yours etc.,


Saikat Kumar Basu,

Lethbridge AB, Canada

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