Need to call a spade a spade

Journalism is a noble profession. It gives one the power to tell the truth and expose the corrupt. The power of words surpasses the power of money and muscle. A well-researched report and strong words can make a lasting impact on society and can even bring about a perceivable change.

With the advent of technology, journalism has attained a different dimension. The electronic medium brings news faster than newspapers. Social media flash breaking news even faster. But the role of print media in forming mass opinion has not diminished, especially in a place like Shillong. While news can be obtained at ease using technology, for analysis of news one needs to turn the pages of a quality newspaper.

However, no matter how glamorous journalism looks from a distance, the job is tedious and needs undivided focus of a professional. Again, print and electronic media have their own challenges. With so much competition in the media sector, time is a major challenge and everyone has to chase the deadline. One’s efficiency will be judged not only by the journalistic nous but also how fast one can deliver.

In the race to remain in the game, professional ethics sometimes take a backseat and one has to compromise his or her stand. In doing so, not only the credibility of the profession is lost but also the common man is misled. This has to change and the old glory of the profession has to be revived so that only truth prevails at the end.

(Contributed by Priyanka S Raj)

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