Nagaland Governor calls to preserve Naga indigenous games



Guwahati: Governor Nagaland P B Acharya on Saturday exhorted the tribes of Nagaland to focus on preserving their traditional ways of life including indigenous sports.

The Department of Youth Resources and Sports, Government of Nagaland organised for the first time a demonstration of Naga Indigenous Games at the lawns of Raj Bhavan, Kohima on Saturday.

The Governor of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, PB Acharya and his wife were impressed with the demonstration. The Governor stated that such indigenous games should be promoted as it is a part of Nagaland’s rich identity. He viewed the games had been handed down from the forefathers and they carry along Naga culture and traditions with it.

“Such ancestral inheritance should not be forgotten rather be proud of the identity of who we are,” he said. Governor Acharya also felt that most of the indigenous games were good exercises and would keep the body fit and healthy. Stating that the games did not need a big ground or space and were easy to understand the rules, he encouraged the those gathered to continue playing such games and to promote them.

Governor Acharya expressed the importance of one’s identity. ‘Our dialect, the cloths we wear and sports we play make our identity and we should be proud of it and promote them’ he stated.

The indigenous games of various tribes of Nagaland demonstrated at Raj Bahavan included Naga Wrestling (Naga Kene), Spear Target Throw (Otsso Chenta), Strength Challenge (Peseum Petpu), Cane Sliding (Cheli/fula), Naga Go-Carting (Sei Bagei), Jumping Competition (Puxa-Kuxu), Touch & Catch (Pipeei-be), Stilt Bamboo Walk Race (Kara tsung/jangtok) and Bamboo Sieve (Zharu-ruthou). The YRS team was led by Director YRS, Linda Solo and other department officials.


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