Seng Longkmie has history of assaulting girls

SHILLONG: The assault of three girls in Pynthorbah on September 14 by members of the Seng Longkmie was not the first incident.
Last December, the Seng Longkmie from Pynthor had harassed a few girls and tonsured them, said a woman who refused to be named.
Speaking to reporters, she said last year, members of the Seng Longkmie stopped the vehicle they were travelling in and found syringes in their possession.
“The girls were speaking in English and said they were passing by.
But the Seng Longkmie harassed them and chopped off their long hair,” she said.
The Seng Longkmie’s way of meting out justice has been criticised by different sections of the society and even Pynthor headman Batskhem Sten called the recent incident a “blunder”.

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