Envoy from Ukhrul feted

Masakui Rungsung (second from left in picture), the Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, was recently facilitated at his hometown, Lamlang in Ukhrul district in Manipur by Tangkhul civil organisations.
Masakui is not the first from the Tangkhul Naga community to serve as ambassador. Late Major Ralengnao Khathing served as Indian Ambassador to Burma in 1972. Primrose Raikhan, daughter of Mazachang Raikhan of Talui village in the district, served as India’s Ambassador to Portugal in 2008.
Currently, out of 90 diplomats serving as ambassadors round the world, LD Ralte and Nengcha Lhouvum are from the North East. Ralte serves as Indian ambassador to Philippines and Lhouvum is ambassador to Indonesia.
Masakui’s struggle
Narrating his struggle as a student, on the day he was facilitated, Masakui recalls how his mother supported his education by selling guavas. Lamlang Leisandung, Lamlang Seikhor, Lamlang Pharung, Lamlang Happy Ground and Larnlang Gate are places popular for guava plantation. His younger brother, who served in the paramilitary also supported him financially while in college.
While studying BA at St Edmund’s college in Shillong, Masakui stayed at 8T hostel. Humble and down to earth, he was like any other student. He played volleyball. He recalls that once he could not go home during Christmas owing to financial constraints. He cried. Masakui, as Ambassador of India told the media in August this year that Zimbabwe should strive to get $400-500 million aid from India out of the $10 billion credit line for African countries. Recently, on behalf of India, Masakui differed with President Robert Mugabe’s UN policies.
(Contributed Zimik Wungkui)

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