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Imprisoned princess


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By Sanskriti Singh
Princess by Jean Sasson is the true story of Saudi women behind the veils and is unforgettable and fascinating. It is a book that will move your heart. Sasson captures the flavour of the country that is full of extreme contradictions.
The book talks about the reality of life behind the unimaginable wealth and power in the royal families.
Princess Sultana, who is closely related to the monarch himself, lives amid these contradictions and suffers. She lives the contradictions, amid the priceless jewels, numerous servants, unimaginable wealth at her disposal, but captured and underestimated. Her freedom is stolen and she is crushed by her own family males.
A bird in a golden cage looks bashful but for the bird, the golden cage will always be a prison, so is the circumstance with the women in Saudi Arabia. She is totally at the mercy of the men in her life… her father, her brother, her husband.
A royal Saudi lady opens the door to give readers an unrealized look inside a closed society.
Princess Sultana lifts the veils that curse down for decades on the shocking world of marriages, slavery, rapes, honour killing and other such outrages against women, not only common but even royal.
Yes, it was sure to come from native women to become believable. When we think about Saudi Arabia what do we see? Terrorist spreading fear? Religious zealots? A corrupt government and fabulously wealthy royal family living lives of unimaginable luxury? These are the questions that get answered by this book. For women who believe in freedom this book is a testimony to the plight of the thousands of women in a highly fundamental Islamic society, where the women are mere a commodity.
Princess is a startling truth that resides in the grains of the far spread desert. We take for granted our freedom but after reading this one would become judicious about the carefree life. You will respect your country more. I assure all that this narration of Sasson would win your heart and touch your sole.
Princess is about a woman of indomitable spirit and great courage. By voicing the truth “Sultana” risks the wealth of Saudi Establishment.
This book has a frank and vivid revelation. The drama that unfolds is fascinating and gripping.
It is a well written real life story. The story of Princess Sultana is true.
While the world is of the Princess herself, the stories of shocking human tragedies are factual. It does not demean the Islamic faith.
A woman’s depiction of father’s love and her mother’s togetherness explains the truth of the painful life of people in that world.
(The author is a student of Class X, BK
Bajoria School)
Book: Princess; Author: Jean Sasson;
Publisher Bantam Books; Price: 303;
Pages: 303
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