Mystery killing of Sohan!


The successful tracking down of the alleged killer of Late Jonathone N. Sangma at  Dobu, East Garo Hills within a very short time of only 6 days is very hard to believe. The encounter is unlike a South Indian movie where police are unable to track down anything. It is really commendable and the prize goes to SF-10 commandos. But is it not an irony, that the C-I-C of the GNLA, Sohan Shira, who had every time escaped from police dragnet and from any sort of encounter or operation has this time been killed alone without any of his boys turning casualty or being injured?  It is unbelievable that the Police Department which could not even land  a scratch on Sohan Shira in the last 8 years have devised strategies at lightning speed to kill him following the demand for CBI/NIA enquiry into the killing of Late J.N.Sangma.


In Garo Hills this episode and the chain of events have opened up a whole new chapter to ponder upon. Everyone now links the killing of  Jonathone Sangma and  Sohan Shira to a mastermind  they call “The Boss”. It cannot also be ruled out that these killings happened because of political rivalry and an attempt to disrupt the Assembly elections in Williamnagar where  Ms Deborah Marak was certain to win this time. So why should a winning candidate invite havoc to herself by committing such an uncalculated,  foolish act? Then, the Boss must have perpetrated the crime, taking advantage of the rivalry and FIR of  Jonathone Sangma against Deborah Marak. The Boss had tried to disguise the whole scenario by this condemnable modus operandi to prevent Deborah Marak from winning the Assembly seat.

The Boss must have used GNLA to execute his master plan, but when Deborah Marak and others demanded a CBI or NIA inquiry the boss has completely silenced the sole witness against him.


It is in the interest of the State and of the nation to dig out the buried crime and criminals and to bring  the case to a logical end. There are questions on the politico-officio-militant nexus and many unanswered questions that must be answered. Truth will emerge only if the entire episode is investigated by the central agencies. We no longer want this ugly master plan to be investigated by the State agency.

Let there be Satyameva Jayate!


Yours etc,

Dogrik Marak



Sohan Shira’s death and unanswered questions



Apropos the lead story in Sunday’s edition of “The Shillong Times” I wish to pose a question whether by killing Sohan D Shira, GNLA Chief, militancy in Garo Hills will come to an end. To my mind, by killing the GNLA chief, GNLA may be weakened considerably but I cannot say whether GNLA will ultimately be brought to its knees. The survival of the militant organisation will largely depend on the resources, ability and number of cadres who are still remaining in the outfit. But from police sources the outfit, much before the killing of Sohan, was already shrinking in resources, ability and number. The only dynamism and indomitable spirit was that of Sohan who still had the fire power. Hence, with the departure of Sohan the organisation will naturally dwindle and its cadres may be bound to surrender before the law enforcing authorities.


The other point is that the killing of Sohan has sent a strong message to the militants of Garo Hills and elsewhere in Meghalaya, that there is no place for living outlawed lives. Either you fall in line or you will be wiped out. In the same way the message is loud and clear to other militant outfits operating elsewhere in Garo Hills that the earlier they surrender, the better for them. Hence the killing will herald peaceful times in that part of the state. But, the killing itself was a heinous crime. Sohan is a person like anybody else. He had his body and his soul. Why did the SF-10 cadres choose to shoot him down instead of nabbing him alive? Was it not possible? Could not his group be overpowered by other methods or were various tactics or methods exhausted? Were our security forces trained only to shoot outlaws down? If that is the case is SF-10 created purely for eliminating unwanted people? Where are the personal bodyguards of Sohan and his cadres who were with him? Was he alone at the spot? Why did the others escape or were made to escape? The incident has thrown too many questions than giving answers.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,



Amusing mudslinging by political parties


 The political mudslinging drama between the BJP, NPP and the Congress and even between regional parties such as the PDF and the UDP-HSPDP alliance continues unabated because these parties have nothing of substance to talk about. Having said that, except for the UDP that has committed to make the Lokayukta functional as per its mandate, other political parties, regional and national have not spoken a word on this subject for reasons best known to them.

The interstate border dispute doesn’t seem to bother the Congress or the NPP leaving aside the BJP which has spelt out its objectives. Issues such as employment generation, market development for our rural folks, making our highways safer, planning out a tourism policy, health, education, farmers policy etc….and a proenvironmental industrial policy are much needed but these parties choose to be blind or neglect them.

 Even on socioeconomic security and child labour, integrating school drop-outs and assistance for women engaged in menial and hard jobs to eke out a living or even stressing on entrepreneurship development are not spoken of. No Party has listed these issues as part of their election manifesto. Most parties are simply copying and pasting stuff from past manifestos with just a bit of shake-up.

Yours etc…

 Dominic S. Wankhar,

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