Conrad for full budget & not vote on account

Assembly Session likely to start from Friday

SHILLONG: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said on Monday the state government was in favour of presenting a full budget instead of vote on account for three months.
“When you prepare a budget it is for the whole year, (and) after the budget is prepared for the whole year then based on situations we decide whether to go for a vote on account for three months or we give a full budget. But we are in favour of going for a full-fledged budget so that work can start,” he told reporters.
The budget session of the newly elected alliance government is likely to be held from March 16. Sangma, however, refused to comment on the date and said the Business Advisory Committee would decide that.
“We are trying to ensure that sufficient time is given so that private members’ requirements are met, and government’s business is transacted,” Sangma said.
The Committee, which will meet on Tuesday, will also decide on the number of days of the session.
Meanwhile, the Cabinet on Monday discussed the Governor’s address meant for the opening day of the budget session on Friday.
“The main objective of the meeting was to go into the details of the governor’s address and after the approval of the address by the Cabinet, it will be sent back to the governor,” Sangma said and added that it could not be discussed in the public as it was a confidential document.

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