Co-operation needed to ease traffic

DGP meets school representatives, Rangbah Shnong, NGOs

SHILLONG: The Police Department on Tuesday convened a meeting with schools, Rangbah Shnongs, senior citizens and NGOs to find out a solution to the perennial traffic problem in the city.
Speaking at the meeting, Director General of Police R Awasthi sought the cooperation and support of the public in easing traffic congestion.
He also opined that police can use cranes to remove those vehicles parked illegally and blocking the way “if all the stakeholders agree to the idea”. It was supported by many.
According to Awasthi, there are three “Es” related to traffic congestion – education, engineering and enforcement.
When asked to elaborate, the DGP said the first E denotes upbringing where children are taught civic rules from a young age. The second E stands for the capability of PWD and how efficient its engineering is. The last one is for police’s enforcement and how capably the tackle the problem, he explained.
A senior citizen of the town, W Kharshiing, while speaking at the meeting stressed the need to develop New Shillong Township at the earliest to check decongestion.
He suggested that the government should open up rural markets on the outskirts of the city so that villagers can sell their produce there.
He also felt that the government should not construct any new offices in the city which would lead to congestion even as he called for meetings at the police station level with local headmen to discuss about traffic snarls in respective areas.
Sylvanus Lamare, the principal of St Edmund’s College, suggested that the Army may be asked to allow civilians to use the road at View point so that people travelling from Jowai to Dawki and Sohra don’t enter the city.
He reiterated that school buses should be made mandatory, especially in Laitumkhrah area.
Earlier in the meeting, many citizens also suggested that the Shillong police can have volunteers who can be paid and the idea was also appreciated by the DGP.
Concerns were also raised about the SPTS buses and many local taxis which are often found to be parked haphazardly.
Many citizens also opined that the state police should create more awareness about traffic rules and regulations by distributing pamphlets to the drivers.
They also gave varied opinions and suggestions on factors which lead to traffic and how it can be sorted out.

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