JFA condemns Myanmar journalists’ arrest

GUWAHATI: The latest development in media  in Myanmar has been viewed with extreme concern by the Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA), which unequivocally condemns the recent arrests of the three journalists in Yangon.

The arbitrary arrest of Managing editors U Kyaw Zaw Lin and Nari Min and chief reporter U Phyo Wai Win on flimsy grounds by the Yangon regional government is very disturbing and uncalled for.

“It not only infringes on the freedom of media but it poses a big challenge to the process of democracy building in Myanmar. Even if the journalists were responsible for publishing incorrect information about the government, they don’t deserve to be arrested and harassed which is a blatant violation of freedom of the press which is provided under the Myanmar Constitution and also an abuse of their human rights,” the JFA stated.

If the government felt that it was wronged then it could have asked for a clarification through a corrigendum with the editorial management of the publication issuing an apology.  The JFA also demands the immediate release of the three journalists. It also demands the release of the two Reuters journalists who were imprisoned since December 2017.

Meanwhile, the JFA welcomes the Agartala court order directing the resumption of publication of the Daily Desher Kotha in Tripura. The news outlet which is published from Agartala was closed down from October 1 after its RNI registration was cancelled based on a report by the local administration. The JFA hopes that the publication is allowed continue to function without any hindrance and does not in any way violate the rights of the workers that are employed in the organization.

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