Bingo! Meghalaya could have a casino

SHILLONG: Imagine a slice of Las Vegas in Meghalaya! Even if it is a small slice, and at Byrnihat at that.
It is not about letting your imagination run riot.
The state government is actually exploring the possibility of opening a casino — a la Las Vegas — in the state though it is treading cautiously.
Sources in the secretariat said that the political bosses are keen to see a casino come up, probably at Byrnihat in Ri Bhoi district.
However, the officers want to go slow on the matter as there is a morality factor to it.
The sources admitted that there is pressure from the political bosses to see that the idea materialised and talks are also on for starting a casino.
Though the idea is still at the planning stage, concerned departments have been asked to start working on it.
When asked what kind of model the government would adopt for opening the casino, sources said that they are looking for one on the lines of Nepal and Sikkim where locals are not allowed to play.
Officials, however, said that even if the government finally decides on the idea of coming up with a casino in the state, they would try to ensure that they are only for tourists.
In Nepal, casinos are also pushing for a change in the law that currently bans Nepalese citizens from playing.
This reporter also called up a prominent casino in Sikkim to inquire if domestic tourists are allowed to play in the casino, and the reply was that only local residents were not allowed.
Presently, Goa, Daman and Diu and Sikkim are the only states in India where one can open casinos.

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