Megha Milk Sale Booth inaugurated in Tura

S G Momin, President Nokma Council inaugurating the Megha Milk Sale Booth at Tura Municipal Hub, Ringre on Wednesday.

TURA:  Megha Milk Sale Booth at Tura Municipal Hub in Ringre was inaugurated on Wednesday at a simple function organised by the District Society for Integrated Diary Development, West Garo Hills, Tura. The President, Council of Nokmas, Tura and Retired IGP Skylance G Momin graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

While addressing the gathering, S G Momin expressed his gratitude for opening the outlet here for the benefit of the consumers at large which, he hoped, would bring great relief to the people who go all the way to Ganol  Dairy Farm just for purchasing few litres of milk. Further, he also suggested that the booth should not cater to the sale of milk only, but expand it by keeping other additional items like eggs, dairy items in future.

In her introductory speech, Senior Dairy Officer and Chief Executive Officer, DSIDD, West Garo Hills Tura, Wilda Ch Marak said that the opening of the Megha Milk Sale Booth was the initiative of the Deputy Commissioner, West Garo Hills, Ram Singh while adding that the urgent need for opening a sale booth in Tura has arisen due to shortage of milk procurement these days, the department could not bring milk to the town like it used to do  in the past.

Moreover, as the demand is more than the supply, the consumers travel all the way and purchase milk from the plant itself while few agents  were allotted to sell milk on behalf of DSIDD for a commission of Rs. 2 per litre. The agents purchase the milk from the plant and sell for a profit of not just Rs. 2 but their prices spiked to almost Rs 80 to 100 per litre, thereby exploiting the customers, which was a matter of concern to the society as well as the department.

“Therefore, in order to do away with this agent system, the District Society with keen interest taken by Deputy Commissioner, Ram Singh has decided to open a sale booth in order to enable the consumers in Tura town to get the milk for a price of Rs. 55 per liter,” she said.

Keeping in mind the equal distribution of milk to the consumers, the Senior Diary Officer said that only 2 to 3 litres per person would be given and for bulk requirement for occasions like birthday, wedding celebration, etc., one can obtain permission from the concerned authority. She also informed that the sale booth will be opened from Monday to Saturday. Since processing of the milk would be over by 2:30 pm therefore, Megha Milk will be available from 3 pm at the Milk Sale Booth.