In service of the nation


Captain Clifford Nongrum is someone whose name should precede the English word ‘BRAVE.’ Truly he was the bravest man who lived his dreams, Being a son of a retired army man my dad always motivates me to join the Indian Army but I often end up arguing with him as to why I should choose a life that has no guarantee and he would say, ”If you die a brave death for a good reason your life is worth it because you die for the sake of thousands of lives out there. Though I never joined the army it was not until my friend lost his father who was a captain in the para forces that I experienced an inspiring moment when his son was recruited in the same para force a couple of months later and his inspiring words are ”My dad lived his dreams so am I” The story of Captain Clifford Nongrum should inspire more young boys to join the Indian Army and serve the nation.

 Yours etc.,

 Nissar Fazil Ladrymbai

 East Jaintia Hills

Killing us with stench!


Through your esteemed daily, I wish to protest as a concerned citizen about the intolerable and foul stench that has been emanating from the Marten Landfill for the past few weeks. The horrible stench can be detected throughout Mawlai and its adjoining areas during the daytime. My residence is about 3 kilometres away from the landfill, yet the stench makes me feel as if I’m living right next to it! The stench is so nauseating for many that it deprives us of the mood to eat and work. This is a serious health issue that has to be dealt with.

I need not remind the concerned authorities that under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, Right to Life also includes within its ambit the right to healthhazard free living conditions and a clean environment (by extension, clean air).

This situation as far as I can recall has never happened before, hence there must be a lapse in the management of the landfill. Either the landfill has reached its optimum capacity to take in more waste, or the concerned authorities have been doing an absolutely terrible job at handling the dumpsite. I strongly urge the Shillong Municipal Board to address this matter forthwith. The State Pollution Control Board must not remain a mute spectator and must take proactive steps to address this health issue.

Yours etc., .

 Keith T. Nongsteng,

Via emai

In solidarity


We the alumni of St. Edmund’s College stand in solidarity with and support the demands of the MCTA, SEC unit. As alumni of the college it saddens us to see that the well being and concerns of our teachers are being overlooked and intentionally being ignored by the Sponsoring Body, i.e, the Christian Brothers Congregation, India. We demand therefore, immediate redressal of the same by the Christian Brothers Congregation and urge the Government to look into the matter.

As alumni we also stand in solidarity with the present students of the College who are also victims of this grave mismanagement of the College. We want for our fellow students to be able to sit in class and receive education in the true sense of the term for which this very College is mandated to do. This is, however, not possible if the demands of the teachers are not met. Not taking care of the teachers’ indicates that the Congregation does not uphold the interests of the students as well.

Amongst all these, we pray for the re-instatement of Sir Jeffreyson Wahlang at the earliest. We condemn the injustice meted on the teachers of St. Edmund’s College.

Yours etc.,

Joy Pathaw & Demi Grace Kharlukhi

Alumni, St. Edmund’s College

Batch 2013, 2014, 2015.



PAN- Aadhar interchangeability


The recent budget announcement relating Aadhar interchangeability in lieu of PAN card may evoke a mixed response amidst the existing confusions. Salaried tax payers are under immense pressure to “honestly” file income tax returns every year notwithstanding prevailing confusions yet prevailing to attaching Aadhar with PAN. Also the rule that Aadhar may be quoted in the absence of a PAN is unclear as it may set a precedent of not adhering to mandatory quoting of PAN card details.

While the move has been made to ease the tax compliance burden, confirming to Aadhar validation for all the necessary services is debatable, post the Supreme Court verdict making Aadhar a voluntary option to the citizens. However, the other sop  of “Aadhar on Arrival” to NRIs with Indian passports which equates the same to a visa service is notable, with a primary intent to attract key investments to the economy.

Yours etc.,

Varun Dambal,

Bengaluru- 72

A bad decision  


This has reference to media reports that the Centre has decided to bar medical practitioners at single-doctor clinics and small nursing homes that don’t have registered pharmacies, from selling branded medicines or vaccines to patients. This decision is unwarranted. The genuine intention of the Centre might be interpreted adversely and people wonder if Government has bowed to the pressure tactics of the pharma lobby.

A doctor of a small clinic is responsible for his acts of checking the patients and dispensing the right medicines for them. It is childish to say that single-doctor clinics and small nursing homes that don’t have registered pharmacies should not sell branded medicines or vaccines to patients without having drug licenses. Schedule K of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act must not be repealed as it allows doctors to sell medicines to patients even without a drug license or without billing patients separately for the medicines sold.

The Centre’s decision came following widespread complaints that doctors sell pills to patients without having drug licenses. A doctor is supposed to be the expert advisor on medical matters relating to the health of patients and with the new decision of the Centre, doctors’ roles in health care is being trivialized. Hence, the decision of the Centre to go ahead with implementing the new proposal approved by the drug consultative committee under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is to be reviewed and it should not be implemented as it violate the rights of genuine and superior status of doctors.

Yours etc.,

TK Nandanan,

Kochi- 15

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