It isn’t over until it is really over


This line epitomises the essence of sports. Sports is not about who starts and who finishes on the podium. But it is all about the drama in between, the sweat before and the glory thereafter.
The North Eastern region has always been at the forefront of the Indian sporting scene and a galaxy of sports heroes have emerged from this poor, backward and ignored region of the country.
For many a year now, states like Manipur and Assam have dominated the medals tally at the National Games and the region has collectively hogged the limelight in a series of international sporting events across a wide range of sports disciplines.
They have time and again contributed with aplomb to India’s rich haul of medals in sports events across the globe. And the haul isn’t confined to just some sports. Be it team disciplines like football or hockey or individual sports like athletics, boxing, weightlifting, Judo or Karate, boys and girls from the region have dominated, and some have excelled like no other before them.
While NE has had tremendous success in disciplines like field hockey and football for years now, individual sports is where the true talent of the Northeasterners comes out in full display. The dominance is such that no other state except Haryana – which has its own flock of exceptional wrestlers and boxers – can match the name and fame that the men and women from the region have carved out for themselves.
Sports in India is thriving and the main reason behind this is the North East. There was a time when the rest of India was collecting accolades from everywhere with superb sporting achievements. However, around 30 years ago the transformation began. And slowly but surely the NE region has risen to occupy the position of pride in the country’s sporting scene.
As The Shillong Times embarks on celebrating its 75th year of existence, it is only befitting that we speak of those heroes whose sweat, toil and perseverance have brought glory not only for themselves but for their state, the Northeastern region and the entire country.