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SHILLONG: Following the exclusion of over 19 lakh people from the final NRC list published in Assam on Saturday, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has said the state is continuously monitoring the situation so that no untoward incident or infiltration takes place in the state.
Talking to media persons on Saturday on the sidelines of a programme in the city, Sangma said, “The government has been preparing for the last ten days. We have been doing the preparations and a lot of meetings have been held at the Home Minister’s level with the DCs and the SPs and the district administration”.
Stating that all measures, including deployment of police and checking at sensitive locations have been taken, Sangma said, “The administration and the police are continuously monitoring the situation to ensure that no untoward incident or infiltration takes place”.
As there is a fear of spillover effect, the people and the pressure groups want something concrete to check the influx and ILP is what they see as the viable solution.
The KSU and NESO had also demanded for an NRC like exercise in Meghalaya.
Earlier, a day after the draft list of the NRC was published in Assam, the KSU claimed to have detected over 1,000 immigrants without valid documents from three districts after they set up infiltration check gates.
Informing that the government has not yet discussed on having NRC in the state, the chief minister said, “One will have to see the exact implementation of NRC in Assam. What type of impact did it have and whether the desired result is achieved or not”.
He further said the exercise in Meghalaya would be of different nature and standard.
“Assam was put into the current position due to the Supreme Court ruling, therefore the state government has not taken a decision on the matter yet,” he added.

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