Conrad pledges to ensure livelihood, safety of miners

SHILLONG: Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma has made it clear that the State Government will find a way to ensure that economic activities and livelihood of the people are not affected while at the same time, it would be responsible to the issue of environment and safety of miners.

The statement came from Chief Minister at a public meeting organised by the Jaintia Hills Amalgamated & Redressal Forum (JARF) to oppose implementation of the MMDR Act that will control mining activities in the state.

The public meeting passed resolutions to pressurise the Executive Committee (EC) to re-appeal to the Supreme Court for exempting the state from implementation of MMDR Act.

The forum will also meet Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma and will demand a proper mining policy so that people can carry out mining without the MMDR Act in order to uplift their livelihood.

Talking to media persons here on Monday, Conrad Sangma said that everybody had their own right to expressed their concern but as a Government, it is their responsibility to ensure that economic activities and livelihood of the people as well as issue of environment and safety of miners are not affected.

“Now we are in a position to ensure that all of these objectives are not affected and this is an opportunity for all of us to move in that way.

“As a Government, we have to be responsible and do things for the overall interest of the society and the state,” Sangma said.

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