Spike Lee to direct hip-hop ‘Romeo & Juliet’ tale Prince of Cats

Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee is developing a 1980s-set hip-hop Shakespearean romance-tragedy based on the graphic novel, Prince of Cats.
With the film, Lee is returning to his favourite Brooklyn, which has served as the setting of many of his films, including ‘She’s Gotta Have It’, ‘Do the Right Thing’, among others. The BlacKkKlasman director will also rewrite the script and work with novel’s author-illustrator Ron Wimberly, and Selwyn Seyfu Hinds. The project is billed as an ’80s-set hip-hop take on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet through the eyes of Tybalt, Juliet’s angry and duel-loving cousin.
The film revolves around on Tybalt and his Capulet brothers, who navigate Da People’s Republic of Brooklyn, where underground sword duelling with the rival Montagues blossoms into a vibrant world, which also includes hip-hop elements such as DJing, emceeing, breakdancing and graffiti. (PTI)

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