District Administration must act


Apropos the letter ‘Wine Stores near hospitals and Schools’ By Salil Gewali, I totally agree with what the writer has said. The Government should not grant licenses to run wine shops near hospitals and schools. Nothing is shameful than TB patients rushing to buy alcohol from the nearby restaurants. Parents are worried that Government has granted permission to operate so many wine stores in the residential areas. Do they want to destroy the precious lives of the youth? Do our concerned authorities like their children to enter restaurants to drink alcohol? Why are they keeping silent and not taking the right action?

 I personally have seen so many young boys in restaurants taking alcohol. For the sake of revenue, the Government should not destroy the lives of our youngsters. I am also concerned about the increasing drug abuse. The drug peddlers who are drug addicts start to sell drugs. Lastly, I invite the attention of the District Commissioner of East Khasi Hills to take immediate action against sale of alcohol in and around areas bordering hospitals and schools.

Yours etc.,

Rahat Sharma,


Outrageous claims merit investigation


If the statement of BJP MP from Karnataka, Anantkumar Hegde that Fadnavis became Chief Minister of Maharashtra for just 80 hours to shift a huge Central fund of Rs.40,000 crore meant for the development of Maharashtra from falling into the hands of the Shiv Sena, NCP and the Congress is true them it is highly objectionable.

Hegde claimed that Fadnavis – in a bid to prevent the ‘misuse of the funds- had transferred the amount to the Centre just 15 hours after becoming chief minster despite lacking a majority. On hearing the statement of Hegde, Fadnavis obviously embarrassed by the claims, promptly issued a denial stating that no major decision was taken during his second stint as chief minister.

However, the claims provided fresh ammunition to the Shiv Sena which had been a former ally of the BJP. Meanwhile, NCP has asked the Modi government to step down owning moral responsibility. The issue has already snowballed in to a major controversy and how the BJP is going to counter this allegation is being watched intriguingly. It is believed that the transfer of such a whopping amount was not possible without valid records. So, the claims of Hegde must be investigated without any compromise on the issue. With bated breath, people of this country are looking forward to hearing the truth. Yes, the skeletons in the closet must tumble out without delay.

Yours etc.,

TK Nandanan,

Via email

Wanted US Visa Centre at Bengaluru


Bengaluru and Karnataka state has witnessed a growing demand of visitors to the United States of America. But one is compelled to visit its Consulate office located at Chennai to obtain and apply for various types of visas. The move to travel to Chennai every time causes inconvenience especially in case of exigencies resulting in administrative hardships to the Indian visa applicants. It should be otherwise noted that the facility to travel to almost all the other nations including Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, Mexico, Peru, Japan, UK etc. exists through the presence of full-fledged Consulate offices conveniently located in Bengaluru for the benefit of Karnataka domicile visa applicants.

Further, efforts should be made jointly by both India and US diplomatic patrons to establish a new full-fledged US Consulate at Bengaluru. A new US consulate now at Bengaluru will largely benefit many professionals, visitors and students who otherwise face logistical hardships to obtain a visa from its existing consulate at Chennai. The suggested move for a new US consulate now at Bengaluru will help to expedite visa application requests quickly especially in case of exigencies for the needy US visa applicants. Hence the Hon’ble Ministry of External Affairs is requested to look into opening a new U.S. Consulate in Bengaluru for the benefit of Indian visitors to USA from this region.

Yours etc.,

Varun Dambal


Big salute to Shivangi


The Indian Navy has created history by inducting its first woman pilot , sub Lieutenant Shivangi, and thus has shown that Indian women are ready and will be given all the opportunities at par with men. This will eliminate  gender discrimination and also prove that Indian women are ready to venture into any profession including those traditionally male bastions and the nation is only ready to hand them whatever they seek. The way in which this brave young  Indian woman  dared to dream big and carve a niche of her own – is definitely an inspiring and truly motivating story for our young girls to follow. It  excellently shows the fast turning mindset and life of our women. Our women  are fast moving from a conservative  nutshell into  a progressive and liberal one which in a way is good for a  fast changing society  . This  young lady who   strode ahead seeking and feeling high adventure and bravery  is now ready to fly high. She is definitely  a role model for our youth, especially our girls,  wonderfully and boldly teaching them a lesson – ” where there is a will, there is a way”

Yours etc.,

M Pradyu,


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