Gunning down rapists


The horrendous acts committed by four men in Hyderabad provoked nationwide outrage. The accused, after the premeditated rape, had set the victim’s body on fire. Nothing could be as shocking as this. Thank God today those four were shot dead in an encounter. I salute the police even if it is a fake encounter. What more do we need more than confession by the criminals. Evil must be done away with by all means at the earliest. Else, the rapists will be set free within a few months/years. This again will only embolden other sadists.

I’m afraid, there is no shortage of leaders and so-called activists in the country who stand up and scream to defend criminals on the basis of human rights. The monsters who raped Nirbhaya were awarded with a sewing machine along with the cash prize of Rs 10000. Who proposed this beastly idea? It was our leaders. Why didn’t we condemn such leaders first? Tolerating evil is itself a big sin. This is nothing but allowing to rape the body of society!  Therefore, we have more to fear from certain “leaders and activists” of modern times that question the values of humanity, but keep mum and defend evil of a “certain” kind.

Yours etc.,

Salil Gewali,

Another massive fire


A massive fire swept through a four-storey building housing illegal manufacturing units in a residential complex  at North Delhi’s Anaj Mandi at 5 am on Sunday leaving 43 people dead and many others injured. Fire officials said most of the fatalities were due to suffocation as many people were sleeping when the fire started at around 5 am on the second floor of the building that did not have fire safety clearance. As the building lacked proper ventilation, most of the people died due to asphyxia. Firemen made their way through narrow lanes to rescue those trapped inside the blackened building and carried many unconscious laborers on their backs.

Almost all the people who died were migrant laborers hailing from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. As the poisonous smoke started to envelope the second floor of the building that had no fire safety clearance and was packed with combustible materials like cardboards, workers desperately searched for an exit gate and 43 people perished due to lethal carbon monoxide. A preliminary probe suggested that short-circuit triggered the blaze. Meanwhile, police have arrested the building owner, Rehan and his manager Furquan in connection with the fire. The case has been transferred to the Crime Branch and it will be investigating the incident.

Delhi is already overburdened with air pollution. The massive fire on the four-storey building has added more pollution to the Delhi’s atmosphere. Most of the medium buildings in Delhi are not built as per the safety norms with many buildings violating basic rules. Moreover, this building like many is situated on narrow by-lane and on urgent occasions like the one that happened now it is quite difficult for the fire engines or other vehicles like ambulances to reach the spot to take the victims to the hospital urgently.

The authorities must decongest such overpopulated and cramped area and give free space to people and things to move around freely. The building, which had no ventilation, was virtually a fire trap. Two firemen also suffered minor injuries in the fire fighting operations. This is Delhi’s worst fire accident since the Uphaar theatre blaze during the screening of Bollywood film ‘Border’ in June 1997 killing 59 people and injuring over 100.

Yours etc.,

TK Nandanan,

Via email

Ease of money transfer


The recent move by RBI to ease NEFT transaction transfer schedule to be made available for 24 hours is welcome. It is also overwhelming to know that RBI has already waived off charges levied for the transactions carried through NEFT/RTGS payments in order to promote a cashless ecosystem. The facility to transfer money through NEFT transaction on round-the-clock basis will highly benefit many customers who are otherwise dependent on physical ATMs for the purpose of immediate cash requirement. The robust penetration of digital transactions through app based banking facility and UPI based payment system has further eased the common man’s burden of fetching the cash from a physical location i.e bank/ATM. The facility to transfer funds through NEFT will further benefit the customers especially during travel exigencies and medical emergencies- as both the situations require immediate cash payment to the beneficiaries.

With the round the clock NEFT transfer facility made available to their customers, RBI and other Banking institutions will now inch closer to achieving their goal of financial inclusion.

Yours etc.,

Varun Dambal,


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