Demand to start road project from Nongstoin

NONGSTOIN: The plan to shift the starting point of a proposed road in Nongstoin was opposed by local MLA Macmillan Byrsat
The plan of the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.(NHIDCL) is to shift the starting point 0+335Km (Nongstoin) to 5+400Km (Mawrusyiar) for the up gradation of Nongstoin – Chaygaon via Kyrshai.
As per the communication made by the NHIDCL to Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills, the reason for shifting the starting point is to avoid traffic congestion in Nongstoin town.
Byrsat told reporters on Friday that the plan to shift the starting point is not acceptable.
Byrsat said it is a fact that if the two-laning of Nongstoin– Rambrai-Kyrshai-Chaygaon starts at point 0+335 km (New Nongstoin village), this will infact reduce or ease traffic congestion since the present road is very narrow and cannot cope up with increase in vehicular movements.
He also said if the upgradation of Nongstoin–Rambrai–Kyrshai–Chaygaon road connects through Nongstoin town, it will not only reduce traffic congestion but also beautify the town.
Byrsat has sent a request letter to the Deputy Chief Minister in-charge of PWD Prestone Tynsong stating that the road project Nongstoin– Rambrai- Kyrshai under SARDP-NE to be implemented by NHIDCL is one of the important road projects that connect Meghalaya and Assam at Chaygaon.
This road will serve as a life line to the people of West Khasi Hills district in general and the people of Nongstoin in particular. Another road project Nongstoin–Wahkaji under SARDP-NE starts from Nongstoin town which is supposed to connect the Nongstoin – Rambrai Kyrshai road.
However, the MLA said it is a matter of concern that the road Nongstoin – Rambrai – Kyrshai will not start from Nongstoin town but 5 km away from the town which will create a missing link between Nongstoin–Rambrai Kyrshai road and Nongstoin Wahkaji road which will in future be the shortest as it will connect Guwahati in Assam and Ranikor on the International border with Bangladesh.
He added that the land acquisition for the road project is also in the final stage and the same will be submitted soon by the Deputy Commissioner to the department concerned for its approval.
The MLA added that the intention of the NHIDCL to shift the starting point may lead to public anger and agitation.
To avoid any disruption of the road project which is vital for the region, he requested the PWD Minister to take up the matter with the NHIDCL authority so as to ensure that the up gradation of the road project will start from the original point that connects New Nongstoin – Tiehsaw – Mawrusyiar village as proposed earlier since the land acquisition has also been completed.
Tynsong, after the request made by Nongstoin MLA, took up the matter with Secretary of PWD to communicate with the NHIDCL not to change the alignment from the original proposed starting point.
Without any delay, the PWD secretary has sent a letter to the Managing Director of NHIDCL in New Delhi expressing the grievances of the Nongstoin MLA on the decision by the NHIDCL and requested him to reconsider the decision and allow the project to start from Nongstoin town so that the two roads (Nongstoin–Kyrshai– Chaygaon road and Nongstoin–Wahkaji– Ranikor) are linked at Nongstoin.

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