New-age fashion job

By Ranjan K Baruah

We are aware about the importance of communication in our life and career. Communication is a must for all of us and at the same time it has connection with fashion too. When we say communication and fashion then one of the subjects that come to our mind is fashion communication. Forget about the subject of discipline of studies but let us look at how important fashion communication is and its demand in the present market.
Let us look at any market or any brand, what we need is a good branding of the product before it comes to the market or get more customers in the existing market. Communication is related with lifestyle and other products related to fashion and hence there is demand and students are willing to take up subjects like fashion communication.
Fashion Communication is a unique and specialised programme that enables students to acquire communication skills relevant to the fashion industry. It includes styling, photography, fashion journalism, design, branding, advertising and visual merchandising. It is a relatively new areas or subject in the lifestyle and fashion industry but it has boomed after globalisation and privatisation. These days we can see a lot of brands in India and around the world bringing more opportunity for the aspirants who are planning to take up courses related to fashion communication.
National Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the leading institutions in the country apart from others which offer courses related to fashion communication. In the ever-growing world of fashion, the Fashion Communication (FC) design programme at NIFT happens to be the single most cutting-edge, exciting, and increasingly essential pathway to open up in the fashion and lifestyle industry.
The significance of brand identity has come to be seen on a par with what the brand sells. Numerous products and luxury brands keep appearing in the Indian retail scenario and it has become essential for each one of them to develop a unique brand identity for maximum impact and visibility. Fashion Communication has made it feasible for these brands to communicate their products, identity, and strategy, by providing a platform for these very brands.
The Fashion Communication programme primarily focuses on four major domains i.e., Graphic Design, Space Design, Fashion Media and Fashion Thinking, and the related genres of these major areas, using hand and digital skills through knowledge, application and practice based approach.
One must remember that as the growth of digital revolution has bought challenges and opportunities, so one needs to plan his or her career keeping this in mind. Every one may not get into leading institutions but that does not mean that one would quit subjects like fashion communication. Choose your institutes carefully as not all institutions will help you in getting a sustainable job.
Apart from qualification, one must have the employability skill. One should not forget that it is not only big industries which need fashion communication but even small and new start-ups would need the same.


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(The author is a career mentor, skill trainer and motivational speaker and can be reached at [email protected] or 8473943734 for any career related queries)

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