‘No fear over ILP movement’

SHILLONG: CoMSO chairman Robertjune Kharjarin on Saturday sought to calm nerves of visitors to the state saying they have nothing to fear over the ongoing movement for Inner Line Permit.
Denying that the recent violence has brought a bad name to the state, Kharjarin, however, said that agitations must remain non-violent.
He said that the scale of violence during the anti-CAA protest was far higher in other parts of the country, including New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, where police “assaulted people like dogs”.
“In UP, police have even gone to residences of people and thrashed them, which is not happening in the state”, he said.
According to Kharjarin, the recent agitation for implementation of ILP has not brought any bad name to the state as people have been fighting for it since ages.
“Even in 2013, violence here was much less”, he said.
CoMSO has been in the forefront of agitation for ILP and against CAA.
Kharjarin made it clear that they resort to agitations to protect the indigenous community, adding that there has been relative calm since the Assembly adopted the resolution demanding ILP.
“Peaceful demonstrations and meetings are still taking place, but I don’t think people coming to the state should worry”, he added.

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