There’s need for a leader like Netaji

A great leader like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who fought against communalism and narrow provincialism, is the need of the hour in present India. He was from Bengal but fought for the entire nation.
In September 1938, Netaji came to Shillong as the President of the All India Congress Committee and stayed in ‘Asely Hall’ (near Earl Sanatorium). It was a critical time for erstwhile Assam under the premiership of Sir Sadullah, who was determined to form Muslim League Ministry in Assam. But Netaji, receiving an urgent message from Gopinath Bordoloi, the then Congress leader from Assam, reached the state and vehemently objected to the decision.
Netaji sent a telephonic message to the Viceroy of India, complaining against the prejudiced decision of the then Governor of Assam regarding formation of the Ministry. He spent the whole night counselling the local leaders to stick to the principle of equality. He said, “Indian National Congress represents all tribes of people in India. It aims at unity, not diversity.”
Rev. Joy Mohan Nicholos Roy from Nongkhlaw, Md Mahmood Ali from Cachar, Basanta Kr Das from Sylhet, Bishnuram Medhi and many other reputed leaders were present during the counselling. Under his able guidance and logical arguments, the coalition ministry led by the Congress was formed in Assam under the premiership of Gopinath Bordoloi.
It is worth mentioning that since 1938, Assam has been facing the pressure of migration from East Bengal, which was caused due to the motivated pressure of Sir Sadullah to prove Muslim majority in Assam. Lord Wavell, the Viceroy of India (1946), observing the activities of Sadullah, commented, “The Sadullah government is bringing more peasants in Assam ostensibly to ‘grow more food’, but really to grow more Musalmans”. (Ref: A statistical account of Assam by WW Hunter Vol II).
India would not be divided on the basis of religion if a strong personality like Netaji were present. He left the Congress because of differences in opinion with other leaders. He sacrifised his life to achieve freedom for the country but never indulged in the idea of division of his motherland.
Today, that big province Assam is no more. Peace and integrity are mere dream today. A bold leader like Netaji is the need of the day who could lead the nation towards unity and integrity. Will our national leaders follow in his footsteps?

(Contributed by
Uma Purkayastha)

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