AHAM member among three extortionists thrashed by public

TURA: A three-member gang who were extorting money from local people at Gopinath-Killa village of Mahendraganj faced the wrath of the public who gave them a thrashing on Thursday afternoon. One of the extortionists is allegedly a member of the A’chik Holistic and Awakening Movement (AHAM) organisation formed by former GNLA militant outfit chairman Champion R Sangma.

According to police sources, the incident took place at around 3:30 Thursday afternoon when the three men came in a blue colored maruti zen car to Gopinath-Killa border village of South West Garo Hills district.

Using threats they reportedly began extorting money from the traders which soon angered the public who surrounded them leading to an altercation. When the three criminals started to threaten the public an angry mob vented their anger and gave the trio a sound thrashing forcing them to flee.

As they fled towards Purakhasia border village, police were alerted by the public and a search found them holed up in a PWD inspection bungalow. One of the extortionists claimed to be a member of AHAM organization.

The three men were taken for medical examination and later handed over to Mahendraganj police and placed under arrest. The medical report found the three men had consumed alcohol also.

The arrested men hail from Dalu border region of West Garo Hills and have been identified as Silyver M Sangma (18) of Chandapara, Sengba M Sangma (18) and Sanjay A Marak (20) of Adukachar village.

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