‘This is a fitness-loving city’


By Heather Cecilia Phanwar

If fitness is what you have in mind, then Kunal Mordani has all the answers to your queries. The director of Gold’s Gym, the world’s largest coed gym chain, says Shillong was an obvious choice as “it is a sports and fitness loving city” and “people take to physical activities naturally”. But the city lacked a world-class fitness stop and Gold’s Gym bridges the gap by providing complete fitness solutions with a scientific approach to health and fitness backed by the best certified trainers, physiotherapist and nutritionist. The gym has two nutritionists and physiotherapists each.
The fitness destination here is the chain’s 123rd stop. It started here in 2017 and in these two years “the response has been overwhelming”. In an interview with Sunday Shillong, Mordani speaks about the gym’s success story and fitness regime. Excerpts:

How many clients do you have? Do they complete the full membership period?
Since inception, we have an average of over 600 regular members. Our retainership is almost 75 per cent as we keep our members motivated at all times and make fitness exciting with different variations of exercises.

Do dieticians have consultation sessions with clients before they start working out at the gym?
Fitness assessment is the key for Gold’s Gym before starting the fitness journey for any of our member. A Body Composition Analysis is done as a client enrolls, which is later explained to the client. A complete fitness assessment questionnaire has to be answered by the member for effectively planning their exercise routine which also helps in knowing their medical history, drawing up a diet chart and apprising the clients on how to have a healthy lifestyle.

What kind of diet plan is given to the members?
A balanced diet is an integral part for any individual who plans to stay fit. All the members who join our gym are given a basic diet regime according to their requirements. We also offer customised diet packages for a day-to-day diet plan at a nominal extra cost.

What kind of workouts do you offer? Do the clients choose what they want?
Currently, we are offering a wide range of workouts… While clients’ preferences are looked into it’s the trainers who have the final say. Workout in a gym is a serious business. It can have a negative effect on health if done without proper supervision and planning. The workout schedule is drawn up in a very scientific way after assessing the physical condition of the member and thorough consultation with the Gold’s Gym Team.

Do you assign trainer to each member? How long does one session last?
We have dedicated zone-wise floor trainers who supervise all clients. We offer personal training programmes in which a dedicated trainer is appointed for a client for an hour to customise his workouts along with goal settings. The training session varies with different memberships and the workout schedule chosen.

Do your clients follow the diet that they are given?
There are regular reviews of all the clients. Their progress is monitored every 45 days and if needed diet plans are re-evaluated. The clients are advised to follow the diet plan to get best results… The dietician is always available for consultation.

How long does it take to become fit? How have your clients benefitted?
Fitness is a never-ending journey… A healthy lifestyle incorporates happiness and peace of mind. Regular exercise keeps a person in good stead but then there are clients who want to build a muscular body or someone who wants to shed kilos. A fit healthy body boosts one’s confidence too.
The results of our clients are spectacular… We have clients who come to the gym for pain management and we are proud to share that we have helped them tremendously.