Corona’s message

Why do people dislike me?
When I am sent by their own God?
Why do they want to kill me?
With police and doctors as squad

Why didn’t they question,
When people died out of pollution?
Now when I have come,
They think that I have caused a revolution

They just think,
That I have killed people and enjoyed,
But why don’t they understand,
That I have saved the world from being

Now if you see,
The Global Warming is decreasing.
And if you see even more carefully,
Our greenery is increasing.

Nayaab Suhel, Class VIII

Save the Earth

Save the earth and love Mother Nature,
It’s a great blessing to many people
and other creatures
An example of a step to be made by us
It’s not to litter because it is a must.

Some great gifts of the earth are trees,
rivers and flowers;
They are beautiful and full of colours.
We can also save the earth by growing plants,
In any place or any land.

I love the earth very much.
So, if we keep it clean and healthy;
It will give one of its greatest gifts to humanity.

Abigail Donna Shangpliang, Class V

COVID-19 — the Power

Our world with high technologies
and super powers,
Has seen the power of all powers.
Covid19, a microscopic virus
Has shown it’s fearful nature to all of us.
The tiny creature has taught the world
and it’s humankind,
To respect the super power
Who created every creature.

Who has gifted us a thoughtful mind,
To be protective to all other creatures
and be kind.
Today our greediness and thoughtless work
has left no way,
Crisis in globalisation is not far away.

The virus may be tackled by one day,
The lessons have been taught
By the power of all powers
We all must obey.

Malabika Bisharad

Earth Day 2020

Earth is our mother which feeds us
All resources necessary for our existence;
Earth is beautiful beyond description,
Endowed with vast oceans and green forests;
Earth is embellished with flora and fauna,
Earth is a shelter house for everyone,
Where birds and winged creatures move freely,
And sing in their lilting tunes;

But in the course of time we have
Gradually destroyed the earth’s inherent beauty,
By cutting trees in endless numbers,
And vitiated the transparent water of rivers
By dumping all kind of waste into it,
We have also spoiled the oceans
By throwing plastic material into it,
Killing as a consequence the marine life;

By cutting the trees we have destroyed
The natural carbon sink generating the global
Warming; glaciers are melting and the level
Of seas is rising posing a danger to habitation;
Instead of green forests, we have developed
Concrete jungles devoid of any greenery around;

Earth is weeping, earth is endangered,
Our existence is also in danger;
The whole ecosystem is dying slowly;
Let us think over deeply about the imminent
Danger and make each day as the Earth Day.

Rakesh Chandra

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