Dihing Patkai writing her vlog

If you be humble without reason, you
will grow up with a divine conscience
Of selflessness! -Quote-67 Pranjit

I am not aware of my recognition
If people call me Amazon of East!
Unaware of adjectives
As old as Dihing and Dirok
Greenery forest as aeon as
Jouissance of elephant
In jubilant Patkai
And Dibru-Deomali
Treasures of flora and fauna
Trees, orchids, insects, animals
Beautiful and endangered
Colourful and ebullient
I know not to define me
But I am materfamilias
Cascaded by all mates
Still unaware what is in beneath!
Happily living within camaraderie
I am unaware for being Panglossian
Metonia but I am becoming
On human being
I am hammered timeless
Unaware of time
Every minute passed can’t undo
Every hour is born cruel to me
My open chest digging deep
For black pearl
Black blood spill out
Where flies decline to fall
My ears are being unheard
Tweets of the bird singing melancholy
Who can undo my past?
My butterflies hang on me
My animals roar
Gibbon stops playing with butterflies
My wounds sensing around
Profit and greed
Can you tell me, human?
About a dream without battle
You won last!
Every cwtch I am missing!
Who become cruel?
If you Google to read me
Or buy me in book
You could cherish my look
Where you can come to behold me
In a day that would come again
I will rise above with green
My wounds would be cured!
I trust you
Because I am a rainforest,
A proposed forest would be!
Please let me live I don’t know
Whether you recognize me!
How you recognise me!

Pranjit Sarma

A meditation on life

hangs thick in the air
like vapour, cumbersome with breathless humidity
splattered carelessly
on silent walls.

lurks in this twilit room
peeping from bookshelves
insinuating designs on pillowcase edges.
Amourous whispering of sweet nothings.

melts itself into the shadows of oblivion
and fantasies emerge, like characters
out of comic books; spilling
into this day-dreaming space of mine.

becomes a non-entity,
a frail accusing finger
that has outlived its relevance.
Logic is defied as emotions take centre-stage.

lose their meaning
when people speak with laughter
and touch each other with tears.
Relationships are reinvented.

are lifted to the heavens, like kites
they frolick for a fleeting moment
then dovetail into the landscape below
broken, with no hope to resurrect.

is a golden lantern
basking in its gentle glow
a handful of events and anniversaries,
the embers will one day falter, ebb away and die.

relive the love and the passion
and reality crystalises with reason
as words and dreams become
as dear as life.

Aldous Mawlong

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