EKH DC comes under flak for abrupt closure of market

Villagers narrate plight as vegetables go waste

SHILLONG: The sudden closure of the alternative market opposite Anjalee in the city has irked vendors and farmers, who brought vegetables from faraway places.
The shutdown was announced midnight on Thursday without giving enough time for the vendors, who were already at the market on Friday morning.
“We were unaware of the order of the East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner. It is not our fault. If we were informed in time, we would not have come. We were also chased away by the baton-wielding police,” they said.
In the past too, the district administration used to announce the decisions very late thereby confusing the residents.

The upper deck of the SMB parking lot at Mawlonghat opposite Anjalee
wears a near-empty look on Friday after the temporary market was abruptly
shut down leading

As Iewduh was closed, the temporary market at the Anjalee parking lot was allowed by the government.
The district administration had cited overcrowding for the closure of market but the criticism is not against the order but the timing.
“We should have been given prior notice at least to prepare ourselves as we were not aware of anything. As usual I drove my vehicle at 3 am with vegetables from the village to reach the market but the result is that we have to carry the same thing back home”, said J. Kharbuki from Mawmih.
Kharbuki said he did not even sleep on Wednesday night as he had to ferry the vegetables. “But the loss is over Rs 9,000”, he said.
Mariada Lyngdoh and Trophy Mukhim, who run tea stalls, said they had prepared food anticipating the visit of vendors as usual. “Now, the food is wasted and we don’t know what to do”, Mariada said.
To a question, Mariada said she would distribute the food to the poor.
Estella Marbaniang and Joysica Nongbri from Umlyngka who sells beans at a cheaper rate wanted to know when the government will allow them to sell vegetables.
Risan Nongrang came all the way from Nongbsap near Sohiong carrying beans, chillies and carrots in his jeep.
Without any sale, he took back the vegetables and deplored lack of information to the public by the district administration.
Like Nongrang, Elindra Marbaniang also brought vegetables from Mawmih but in vain as he has to go back with the bundle.
“These are perishable items and I don’t know what to do with them”, Elindra added.

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