Fresh guidelines for marketing in Mawkyrwat

MAWKYRWAT: The Mawkyrwat Market COVID-19 Management Committee, on Friday, provided fresh guidelines based on the COVID health protocols to the shopkeepers as well as shoppers in a bid to arrest the spread of the dreaded disease in Mawkyrwat and the entire South West Khasi Hills.
L Shangdiar, chairman of the committee, said that the guidelines, which have been approved by the Deputy Commissioner, Isawanda Laloo, will come into effect form Saturday.
Shangdiar, who is also the manager of Sankur Rikynti Khain Nonglang & Mawkyrwat Hat, warned that action will be taken against anyone found violating the guidelines.
Meanwhile, B Kharkongor, Assistant Director of Agriculture and Zonal Magistrate in-charge of Market, said that people from the entire district depend on Mawkyrwat Market and if an outbreak were to happen in Mawkyrwat, it could put the whole district under the danger of being infected.
Kharkongor informed that apart from the personal hygiene points, the guidelines focuses on maintaining cleanliness in the market, which, he said, is possible only if there is cooperation.
Further, YG Lyngdoh, a member of the Committee, informed that an awareness programme for all shopkeepers will also be conducted on August 5 and 7 at the Hall of the Sankur Rikynti Khain Nonglang & Mawkyrwat Hat in Mawkyrwat.

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