Books for a roof & food too

Gobo is back after taking a break from his long travels and incredible adventures. He needed rest before resuming his journey with even with more vigour and enthusiasm.
“Lla, la, la, laaaa, la, la ,la laaa, aaah”,” lo, lo lo, lo, lo, lo, looo, la,lo, lo, lo, lo, la,la, lo, lo, lo, lo!”, sang Gobo. Gobo was very happy after his adventures in Honeyland. Gobo was not doing anything but he was just relishing the honey, given by the folks of Honeyland. Gobo was of course lazy but this pot of honey made Gobo lazier than ever.
Gobo was not even flying to any of the enchanted lands! He had just ordered his giant toadstool to fly in the sky.
“Nooooooooooo,” screamed Gobo suddenly. “Oh! My God!” I was just going to have a heart attack. But why did Gobo scream? “Oh! I know! Gobo had screamed so loudly because he had just finished his pot of honey! Gobo was very sad. If you had seen his fingers, you could have almost seen his bone. This was because he had licked his finger so much.
Now as Gobo didn’t have any work to do, he thought that he would better travel to any magical land in his enchanted toadstool. But where would Gobo go this time? Let’s see. Gobo started looking at the buttons and suddenly he found a button labelled Bookland.
Amazing, isn’t it?
Now the toadstool changed its direction and started flying towards the south. While the toadstool was flying to Bookland, Gobo was looking sadly at his empty pot of honey. Suddenly the toadstool started going down and at last touched the ground. Gobo cautiously opened the door and went out. Gobo was amazed at the sight of what his eyes could see. Instead of fruits in the trees, books hung! Gobo rubbed his eyes in disbelief but still he could see books hanging there. And the most astonishing sight was when the folks started plucking those books and having them. It was then that Gobo heard a new word. “Oh! These books are so bookalishious”, said the folks.
What! Gobo had almost gone crazy. Now let’s see, what other spectacular things would make Gobo go crazy. Gobo started walking; having an impression that he would have really gone crazy, if he were to stay in this land forever. Even I would have gone crazy.
After walking a bit, Gobo came to a small town. There, the houses were built of books and it was very funny to see people opening the doors and the books falling on them. Gobo could see shops only of books. So Gobo went to one of the shops, where a plump lady was sitting with red cheeks. Gobo chose a book kept on top and asked her to give. The lady giggled and said, “Oh dear! Are you blind? Can’t you see that it is the roof?”
It was very difficult for Gobo to choose any book as he always mistakenly asked for books which were the wall or the roof.
At last, Gobo got tired and went out of the shop. After sometime, Gobo felt very hungry and went to a restaurant where he thought that he would get something decent to eat. So when he started looking at the menu, he almost fainted. The names of the dishes were Bookasta, Bookaneer, Bookasoup , Bookani, Bookarice etc. Gobo was so angry that he felt like breaking the book restaurant.
Gobo strode out of the book restaurant just like an angry king!
That day was very boring for Gobo. He suddenly saw a lake in front of him and thought that he would do some boating. When he went there and asked a man for a boat to rent, the man gave Gobo ten books tied together and said that this was the best quality boat.
Poor Gobo! Why was today so unlucky? But this time Gobo took the book boat, threw it into water and sat on it angrily. But don’t forget that Gobo is unlucky and what do you think happened? Of course, Gobo fell into the water and started gasping for breath. Soon some folks came to the rescue and saved him. Gobo climbed out and one of the folks asked Gobo to follow him and he would give him towel to dry himself. So Gobo followed the man.
When he went inside his book house, the man gave him a towel to dry, but no. This was too much for Gobo. Gobo fled off to his toadstool, still dripping with water. When he reached, he suddenly pressed a button and whoosh! The toadstool rose high and flapped his huge wings and was determined to take Gobo to some another land.
But do you know why did Gobo run away from that man’s house? The reason was the towel itself was made up of books! So now I think we should leave Gobo alone to pat himself dry or else he will be very unhappy, if he gets to know that I have been sharing all his funny and unlucky tales with you. Will soon fly with Gobo to another land, till then, bye!

(Contributed by Nayaab Suhel, Class VIII, BSF Senior
Secondary School)
Illustration: Pinterest

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