Malki dorbar decries stigmatization of labourers from locality

SHILLONG: The Dorbar shnong of Malki has raised a concern over  stigmatization of labourers from a locality who have to go to work in other localities.

The headman of Malki, H.P. Oflyn Dohling and other members of the executive dorbar have mentioned in a press release issued here said that the executive dorbar of Malki has noticed that in the immediate past some labourers of a locality who are engaged in construction works in other localities within Shillong city, have been facing stigmatization as victims of COVID 19 and they were not allowed entry into those localities, depriving them of the right to employment.

The Executive Dorbar of Malki fervently appealed to locals in Malki to be fair on this issue so as not to stigmatize each and every one as being the victim of the COVID 19.

“The Executive Dorbar of Malki as always is trying its best to ensure that protocols related to the pandemic are strictly adhered to. None of the labourers from the containment areas in Malki is allowed to come out and violate the prescribed protocols”, the release said.

The dorbar claimed that not a single case of stigmatization of any one from outside the locality has taken place in Malki.

The executive dorbar said that labourers from other villages/localities have never been treated as untouchable or stigmatize and has urged people to bring the matter to the notice of this Dorbar if any.

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