Assam announce Unlock 3 guidelines from August 16

Guwahati: Assam Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna has issued new guidelines for UNLOCK-3 effective from 5 AM of August 16 to 9:30 PM of August 31 :-
1. All permitted activities mentioned in earlier orders shall continue to be allowed between 5 AM and 9-00 PM between Monday and Friday. Restrictions on one side of the street is withdrawn.
2. Inter-district movement of passenger vehicles and people are allowed between Monday and Friday only. Inter-District movement of vehicles is allowed with 50% capacity. City buses are allowed subject to maintenance of all COVID19 protocols and social distancing and with 50% capacity.
3.Public transport is allowed subject to maintenance of all COVID19 protocols and social distancing with 50% capacity.
4. Movement of individuals shall remain strictly prohibited between 9-30 PM (2130Hrs) and 5-00 AM (0500 Hrs);
5. Spitting in public places, consumption of tobacco and liquor products shall be strictly prohibited.
6. Social, political, sports/ entertainment, academic religious functions and other large congregations numbering more than 50 persons shall remain prohibited.
7. Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places of public gathering shall remain closed
8. No activities are allowed in containment zones and entry and exit from such zones are strictly prohibited
9. No movement of individuals shall be allowed on Saturday and Sunday at any time all over the State.
10. Persons above 65 years of age and children below the age of ten years are advised to stay indoors except for unavoidable health reasons.
11. Wearing of face cover is compulsory in public places, in workplaces and public transport etc. Violation will attract a fine of Rs. 1000/- for the first offence.


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