Kudos to the entrepreneur


Through this column I would like to congratulate this young achiever and talented man Rudy E Kharmawphlang. To me he has become an inspiration to the youths of our state and even outside, and the saying absolutely befits him, “Where there is a will there is a way.” My major findings of utmost importance are as below:-

First, the struggle that Rudy Kharmawphlang narrates where he started looking for a government job here but, was disappointed to see that no matter how eligible a person is, the backdoor entry is rampant.

Second, the research part of Rudy where he attracts foreign team members. He says he was glued to his desktop for months trying to get all the information, and finally connected with people from Israel and Canada who believed in him and encouraged him to fulfill his dreams.

Third, the team formation and exposure journey wherein Rudy says, that he realised that this would be a big project, so he decided to form a team of four people – one fabricator, two civil contractors, one marketing and one publicity person and myself to kick-start the operation and even took his team to Dhaka for a five-day exposure trip in 2017 to learn more about the technology.

Fourth, the determination of Rudy and his team while countering several rejections, They submitted their proposal to the bank only to have it rejected on the excuse that it’s a high-risk project. They then approached NABARD but were again disappointed as the bank said the project did not fit their existing schemes. Rudy then approached NEDFi but here, too, they were disappointed.

Thereafter, they went to the fisheries department for help and submitted a proposal but were told that aquaponics and hydroponics were not in tune with their guidelines. Finally, they went to the North Eastern Council but here, too, they had to route their application for assistance from the state government.

The branding and creation of products as Rudy describes. He created this set-up on the roof so that he can experiment with it. Now the enterprise called Sawaiom Agro and Allied Products is producing and harvesting nice fresh vegetables every week. Now he grows kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, broccoli, mustard leaves, strawberries, etc. Lastly, the situation Rudy Kharmawphlang found himself in wherein, young entrepreneurs look to the government to hand-hold them, but it is unfortunate that genuine projects are not selected.

I therefore would like to say to Rudy that his talent and skills are visible now. He is a self made entrepreneur, and I hope and believe that in future Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship will recognize and add to his and our State’s glory.

Yours etc.,

Joydeep Sharma


Education is student-centred


The number of articles that have been published in your esteemed newspaper on the changing contours of education is significant, not only because the deadly corona virus has necessitated it but because of the inherent flexibility of education. That must now, at least be recognised. Education has an inherence of adaptability and flexibility. That is because education is student-centred and not teacher-centred or, at best, a collaborative effort between teacher and student. Some of these articles have suggested that online education has come to stay. That is to say that distance education should be adopted for disadvantaged learners. In fact when we go back to the conventional classroom teaching, online education can still continue. The radio and the television must also be used and new courses must be developed in modular fashion.

Yours etc.,

Ananya S Guha

Shillong -3


Relief to pensioners

The government of India is now providing a big relief to its elderly pensioners. The government has relaxed the existing schedule for submission of Life Certificate. According to reports, all Central Government pensioners can submit Life Certificate from 1st November 2020 to 31st December 2020 and during this extended period, the pension will be continued to be paid by the Pension Disbursing Authorities uninterrupted. As an outcome of COVID-19, this is the right move and ensures the safety of senior citizens and bank staffers. It is expected that all state governments should take such actions and facilitate the elderly pensioners.

Yours etc.,

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (MP)


Selective protests on issues


Several individuals and groups have made their voices heard on the issue of construction of a mall at Barik (old PWD premises) and those who spoke out are vehemently against the idea of a mall in the middle of the city and so near the Civil Hospital and the State Secretariat. Ironically, some of the noisiest pressure groups have remained uncannily silent on this matter. They are also silent on the issue of illegal coal mining and the destruction to the environment due to limestone mining. But the same groups are against uranium mining. Is it because uranium is mined by a government agency and hence they would not be able to extract money from the UCIL or the Atomic Minerals Division here, whereas coal being in the private sector allows for all kind of vested interests to operate?

Whatever be the reasons for their silence on issues affecting the environment, they are exposing themselves and have by default become supporters of anti-environmental projects. This project should in fact be discarded on the basis of being environmentally unsound. Hope the people win and that the Government is forced to abandon the project.

Yours etc.,

Daplin A Kharkongor,

Via email


Deplorable road condition  



The road from Mawroh junction (Soul Kitchen point) to Mawkynroh junction (NEHU-Mawtawar road) is in urgent need of repair. The road is in a pathetic condition where potholes are all along this stretch and the road edges are being eroded by rain water.  There was some ray of hope a few months ago when there where rumblings and talks that the road will be double-laned for the ensuing National Games. On June 14, 2019, it was reported in a local vernacular daily that Rs 12.50 crore has been sanctioned to re-lay the road from Mawroh to Umjarain from the Central Road Funds. There have been many inspections conducted by the PWD officials and also by the MLA, P T Sawkmie. However, nothing has moved till date for reasons unknown. The pandemic has of course stalled most of the projects in the State but I would urge the Department to please start the work if things are in place. Presently, the road is in bad shape and all I pray for through this letter is to do some minor repairs to make it motorable till the major repair and reconstruction is effected.


Yours etc.,

Reward Rymbai,

Via email


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