NPP-led alliance claims comfortable majority

BJP MDCs in GHADC defy party diktat, remain with ruling side

TURA/SHILLONG: In what can be seen as an open defiance of party diktat, a day after BJP state party president Ernest Mawrie announced the withdrawal of support by his MDCs to the NPP alliance in the GHADC, the saffron party’s senior-most MDC Bhupendra Hajong has so far declined to step down as an executive member of the Dipul Marak-led executive committee.
Not just that. The BJP MDCs seems to be making merry in the absence of anti-defection law to check their political opportunism. Another MDC, Wenison Ch Marak, who joined the BJP in December, last year, has returned to his parent fold – the regional Garo National Council. He has now been made an executive member.
“I have received no intimation from any MDC, including those from the BJP who are supporting us, about withdrawing from either the post of executive member or the coalition, till date. Bhupendra Hajong of the BJP remains EM of Rural Development whereas Wenison Marak who was earlier with BJP has returned to the GNC and joined as EM for Tourism,” informed GHADC Chairman Denang T Sangma while speaking to The Shillong Times on Wednesday.
The BJP MDC, Hajong, could not be reached as he was away in his constituency of Betasing on Wednesday.
Five MDCs from GHADC, namely Mettrinson G Momin (NPP), Wenison Ch Marak (GNC), Ismail R Marak (INC), Boston Marak (NPP) and Nripendra Koch (INC) had joined the BJP before national spokesperson Nalin Kohli in Guwahati, last December.
Pointing out the statement of Ernest Mawrie that three BJP MDCs, namely Boston Ch Marak, Ismail R Marak and Bhupendra Hajong had pulled out from the coalition, the council chairman termed it ‘factually incorrect”.
“Boston Marak and Ismail Marak were never with us. Rather they were part of the opposition that tried unsuccessfully to break the EC of Dipul Marak, early this year. As for Bhupendra Hajong it is there for everyone to see that he has not resigned,” clarified Denang Sangma.
On the claims by BJP vice president Bernard Marak that he has been away from office for the past few days to prevent submission of resignation by the BJP, the chairman replied “I was very much in office today and only on Tuesday did I visit my constituency of Williamnagar.”
With talks about withdrawal of support doing the rounds from the BJP side, the council chairman maintains that the ruling NPP alliance has a comfortable majority with the support of twenty MDCs in a house of thirty.
“MDCs Mark Goera B Marak and Tura MDC Rupert Sangma who were earlier in the opposition camp are now on the ruling side,” claims Chairman Denang Sangma.
In the current position, according to the council chairman, the NPP has 8 MDCs (after Boston Marak and Mettrinson G Momin joined the BJP), one BJP, two GNC and nine other Independents supporting the Dipul Marak executive committee.
BJP co-partner
in corruption
In a hardening of stance against the saffron party for levelling charges of central funds misuse against the NPP, GHADC Chairman Denang T Sangma revealed that the BJP was pointing an accusing finger at a coalition their own MDCs have been part of all this while.
“The BJP has been a co-partner of the Dipul Marak executive committee with its MDCs serving in the EC for the past five years. Shouldn’t they be questioning themselves about the accusations?” asked the council chairman.
Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Bernard N Marak, has asserted that Wenison Ch Marak was not a party member and the latter’s appointment as executive member in the GHADC was of no concern to the party.
“How can they claim a non-BJP person as a BJP member,” Marak questioned, while expressing concern over Nripendra Koch’s ouster from the EC based on false allegations.
Marak also refuted the GHADC Chairman’s claims, saying that the latter, who is under investigation by court for misuse of funds, was missing from his office.
“The BJP MDCs have been waiting for the Chairman to attend office to submit their resignation letters. If the Chairman doesn’t attend office in the next two days, BJP leaders will go to his residence in Williamnagar to submit the letter,” he said.

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