Govt to levy cess on 14 more minerals

SHILLONG: The state government has decided to levy cess on 14 additional minerals and mineral items in the hope of generating additional revenue of Rs 40-50 crore per annum.
Speaking to media persons after Cabinet approved the amendments to Meghalaya Minerals Cess Act, 1988, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said that through this amendment, the number of items and minerals on which cess can be charged have been increased.
The cess amount will be utilised to improve public health, drinking water, supply and physical infrastructure development apart from the development of primary education.
In addition, cess will also be levied on minerals extracted or removed from “any land” in addition to mine or quarry. Some of the new items on which cess will be levied are iron ore, boulders, ordinary sand, ordinary clay slate, granite etc.
In 2018-19, the government had earned Rs 48-49 crore through levy of cess which increased to Rs 73 crore in 2019-20.

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