Revised  SOP awaits  air passengers arriving in Guwahati

GUWAHATI: In view of safety measures adopted for air passengers and short duration of flight, Assam government has declared a new COVID-time Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to deal with air passengers arriving in Guwahati from tomorrow (September 26, 2020).


  • A person arriving in Guwahati by air will have to undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) at a designated testing centre after he/she disembarks. Kamrup Metro district administration will make necessary arrangement for it.
  • If the RAT result is positive the person will undergo home isolation/ treatment at COVID Care Centre or hospital, as per protocol.
  • If the RAT result is negative his/her swab samples will be collected fir RT-PCR testing. The following two options will be available for RT-PCR testing
  1. A free RT-PCR test: This will be arranged by the state government and the result will be available in 3-5 days. The person will have to remain in isolation in his/her residence etc. for a period of 5 days or till declaration of result. The person will be hand stamped during collection of sample and home isolation notice will be pasted in person’s residence.
  2. Paid RT-PCR test: This will be done by agencies at the designated testing centre on payment of the requisite fees. The test result will be provided by the agency within 24 hours. The person will have to remain in isolation in his/her residence till the declaration of the test result. The person will be hand stamped but home isolation poster will not be pasted at his residence.
  • If the RTC-PCR test result is positive, the person shall undergo home isolation/treatment in COVID Care Centre or hospital.
  • If the RT-PCR test result is negative the person is free to carry on his activities without any further quarantine.
  • Even after first RT-PCR test result is negative, the person will continue to monitor his health for next 14 days and report to the nearest hospital in case of emergence of any symptom.

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