Pius Marwein first local MLA to set foot in Domiasiat village

‘LP school repair to begin in February’

MAWKYRWAT, Jan 13: Ranikor MLA Pius Marwein on Wednesday became the first local legislator to set foot in the well-known uranium-rich Domiasiat village in South West Khasi Hills, a village comprising 10 families which stood tall against the proposed uranium mining in the area over three decades ago.
The MLA’s visit has touched the locals of the village, who have been left out by the earlier local MLAs as well as successive governments in all these years. The villagers now feel that there is a ray of hope for good things to come to pass.
During his visit, Marwein assured the people of Domiasiat that the lower primary school, which was closed down by the state government in 2007, will reopen for the 2021 academic session after a prolonged 14 years. “We will start repairing the school building in February 2021 and finish the work as soon as possible. I will ensure that the school gets back those teachers who have been transferred to other LP schools for the Domiasiat LP School to function in 2021,” he said.
The Domiasiat Government Lower Primary School was closed down by the government in 2007 after the villagers opposed the public hearing on uranium mining at Nongbah Jynrin village near Domiasiat. Later, the government also transferred the two teachers from the school to other lower primary schools in Phlangdiloin and Sahsniang villages.
On the other hand, Marwein informed that the matter regarding no electricity supply in many villages including Domiasiat, Nongtnger, Mawthabah and Nongbah Jynrin has been taken up seriously.
Lamenting that the villages have been existing without power till date even though the post and lines were setup 10 years ago, he informed that the work has begun and the people of the area will have access to electricity soon.
Regarding the approach road from Wahkaji-Mawthabah road to Domiasiat village, which is about 1.5 kilometres long, Marwein has asked the Sordar of the village to get the No Objection Certificate from the land owners so that he can take up the matter with the government. “Yes, we can immediately start the repair work for the road, but a proper road, built by the PWD, is essential,” the MLA said. Recalling the long-pending problems and the needs of the people in Domiasiat village, especially pertaining to road, school and power, he admitted that it is not an easy task as Ranikor is a vast constituency with more than 200 villages.
“If not for the COVID-19, we would have achieved something in 2020,” Marwein said as he sought the cooperation of the villagers.
Meanwhile, the secretary of the village, ND Syiem, lauded the efforts of the MLA and thanked him for visiting the village and listening to the people’s problems, which other legislators had failed in doing.

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