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A check dam to save the Myntdu river


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Jowai, Jan 18: The Jañtia Fishing and Environment Society (JFES) is an organisation that has been working relentlessly to save the Myntdu river in Jowai. The JFES works in collaboration with several civil society groups in Jañtia Hills that are committed to conserve the rivers and ensure that riverine life is protected and sustained. A major objective of the JFES is starting a fish sanctuary or conservatory so that riverine life is not disturbed.  JFES have constructed a number of dams along the Myntdu river to save it from destruction by a few self-serving individuals.
The Syntu Ksiar lake is not just any lake but is associated with Jañtia folklore and their struggle against the British. Now that the Syntu Ksiar has become a fish conservatory, it attracts many visitors.
In the past, the JFES, in collaboration with the government, had tried out several measures to prevent the depredation of the River Myntdu which actually feeds water to the people of Jowai and also waters the farmlands that grow rice to feed the people of the area.
In its endeavour to stop the flow of garbage from Iewmusiang (market) to the Myntdu River, the JFES will be constructing another check dam. Iewmusiang is the biggest market in Jañtia and is located adjacent to the Myntdu River.
Hence, all garbage from the market is dumped into the River. This puts the health of all the residents of Jowai at risk as they rely on this River for all their needs.
On Monday, the JFES led by its president Lamwan Paswet, secretary NK Lamare along with the committee members of the Dorbar Shnong Tympang Iewmusiang led by Eddie Stone Shylla, general secretary Ajoy Lywait and other leaders from these two organisations visited the Myntdu River to decide exactly where to construct the check dam.
Both sides have agreed that the most appropriate space for the check dam is at a place called Chahtngit, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Dorbar Shnong.
JFES president Lamwan Paswet has stated that the funds for constructing the check dam should come from the MPLADS of MP Vincent Pala. Paswet also said that the JFES will start this project in right earnest.


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