Killing the Umkhrah River


Thank you for the photograph published in the front page of your esteemed daily (ST April 6, 2021) which speaks volumes about how our Government is involved in killing of Wah Umkhrah. From the photograph, it is evident that long stretches of the river have already been turned into a drain because of soil dumping. What is not clear from the photograph is the RCC work that is going on covering at least four metres of the river bed with large quantities of soil and boulder which have also been dumped beyond the bridge connecting Lower Jail Road with Lawmali. This mindless action of the authorities will surely create havoc affecting the residents of Mcabe Road houses opposite the Buddhist temple, entire Polo area, Lower Jail Road and Lawmali.

Yours etc.,

L R Das,


Conrad vs the UDP


Apropos the news report “UDP to press CM for James’ ouster ( ST dated April 5, 2021), the NPP led MDA government has now got a taste of what it is to be in coalition politics after their senior MLA James Sangma is being targeted twice over by the UDP for his ouster, this time the demand is to strip James Sangma from the Power portfolio. With the 2023 elections on its radar the UDP is trying to project itself as an honest party. As a coalition partner in the MDA government, the party is trying to capitalize on power crisis in Meghalaya. It appears that the UDP strategy is to put pressure on the MDA-led government which could take a few months, and will depend on a variety of factors. But my unsolicited advice to the UDP is to withdraw support to the MDA government!

Yours etc.,

Marbianglang Rymbai


Is UDP the MDA’s Judas?


The article ‘UDP’s blatant hypocrisy’ by Albert Thyrniang, (ST April 6, 2021), has really hit the bulls-eye. Kudos to Mr Thyrniang for that brilliant article!  Mr Thyrniang mentioned the hypocrisy of the UDP as an ally of the MDA Government and I cannot agree more with that. In the past few weeks we have seen the dirt that UDP has been throwing at the NPP its coalition partner and the blatant accusations they have brought up to demand the ouster of the Power Minister. This demand has been gaining momentum with the General Secretary of the UDP going all out all guns blazing.

It is interesting to note here that a Minister of the UDP who holds the important Home portfolio in the Government, Mr Lahkmen Rymbui has not exactly been on top of things. The Home Department is important because it ensures that law and order prevails in the entire state. His duty is to see that there is no deterioration of law and order. Unfortunately, the law-and-order situation of our state has gone from bad to worse. Crime against women is on the rise with unfortunate incidents towards women are happening every single day. The instances of the two girls who were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Jaintia Hills, and the recent incident on Sunday morning where a half-naked body of another woman was found in Jowai, just makes me question the safety of women in our state. As a woman, I fear for my own safety in the darkness of the night and I wish to run home at the earliest as I do not want to be another victim. This is not just one angle, but other forms of violence is on the rise too with incidents of lynching and murder increasing. The incident at Ichamati, as well as the recent incident at Golf Links and many other cases of murder are awaiting justice, with the perpetrators still out in the open instead of being behind bars. This is all very troubling. The Home Minister had also requested anyone who has any knowledge of the incident at Golf Links to come up and give a statement. But I wonder if anyone did really notice the incident taking place in a forest. People would be in their homes getting on with their daily activities, without being aware of what was happening in that area. Also is it not the duty of the SIT as well as the officers of the department to look into the matter? Why does the Home Minister not take the matter seriously and demand for the investigation to be expedited? A life was lost and the perpetrators are only in the suspect list and not yet behind bars.

All this just makes me want to question the UDP as to why they not talking about these incidents? Do they not matter to the welfare and growth of our state? UDP being a regional party is awfully quiet in this matter. They were vocal and persistent when it came to the ruckus and mess in the MeECL, demanding for the removal of the Power Minister and the need for reforms to be brought in the MeECL. Why are they not being vocal with other governance failures too? Are other issues not equally important? Or do they not fit their ‘political agenda’ to be given due importance. We call ourselves a matrilineal state where a woman is given a high stature, yet crimes against women are on the upswing. Our state claims to be morally sound and God-fearing by nature, but atrocities against people and communities are increasing. The UDP terms itself as a regional party that cares for the welfare of the people and the state but it is a pity to see they are not raising concerns related so much to the welfare of the people especially the womenfolk and matters related to deteriorating law and order situation. It seems this party is more concerned with defending their own from falling off the throne and in keeping their pockets warm.

Yours etc.,

Natasha Pariat

Shillong – 3

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