People power defies money power

That a sitting MDC of the GHADC and a former Deputy CEM was roughed up in Chokpot for attempting to buy votes, gives hope that not all voters succumb to money power. The ex-Deputy CEM Augustine Marak was roughed up by the very people that voted him to the ADC five years ago. The public wrath might also be due to the fact that the MDC did not deliver on his promises and is only seen during election time. While getting physical is not exactly the way to get even with non-performing legislators and councilors and the best way is to ensure their defeat, what is also true is that people can take lies and deception from their representatives only up to a point. When pushed to the brink after being left defenceless and being repeatedly let down by their MLAs and MDCs  people reach the tipping point and are in a position to hopefully bring about a change for the better. The next councilor from Silkegre constituency, (if the present one is not re-elected) would hopefully be more responsive and be a better representative for the people of this backward area of Garo Hills.

People of Meghalaya are notorious for electing non-performing MLAs/MDCs who only rabble-rouse and show their faces to their constituents during elections. They rest in the belief that throwing money a week before the elections is enough to ensure their victory. And that is what has brought people with no understanding of the role of a legislator and whose only objective is to expand their businesses, into the August House. Word is now going around that the next election to the state assembly is going to be fought only by a few families with money power. The constituencies from which these elite and affluent tribal families will be fighting from – at least from the Khasi and Jaintia Hills are already decided. There is no word yet as to how 2023 is going to pan out in the Garo Hills and whether it will be just the Sangma versus Sangma battle as it was last time around. To elect individuals that promote a dynastic form of politics is to defeat the very purpose of democracy. In fact, our votes are only going to strengthen the family empires of the respective contenders. Is that what the people of Meghalaya want? Or do they still aspire to good governance and the rule of law which has been hugely compromised in this state? The people of Chokpot have created a precedent by rejecting money power and deciding to throw out a contender who believes he can buy people like sheep and cattle. This should serve as an example to other voters too when the State heads for the Assembly elections in 2023.

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