Top Congressman lauds British Columbia move on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


MUMBAI: The Congress’s All India SC Cell on Tuesday welcomed the move by the British Columbia province of western Canada to celebrate the 130th birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on April 14 as ‘Equality Day’.

The Congress’ All India SC Cell Chairman Dr. Nitin Raut, who is also Maharashtra Energy Minister has written a letter to the British Columbia Lt. Governor Janet Austin hailing the Proclamation to the effect.

“The Proclamation to celebrate Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti as ‘Equality Day’ by the British Columbia would inspire the humanity to follow his ideals of human rights and social justice,” Raut said in his letter.

Expressing pleasure at the recognition accorded to Dr. Ambedkar’s work by the British Columbia government, he said people around the world are inspired by the great leader’s fight against social and racial discrimination.

Referring to the Proclamation, Dr. Raut appreciated the British Columbia authorities’ commitment to address the issues of racial discrimination and social justice in their state too. IANS first highlighted the issue on April 11.

He pointed out to the Lt. Governor Austin how the followers of Dr. Ambedkar in India and elsewhere are very proud to share his legacy and are inspired by his relentless fight social justice and equality till his last breath.

Dr. Raut said that Dr. Ambedkar was so obsessed with equality that he made it the first Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution, of which he is hailed as the Chief Architect.

The Proclamation was made on April 1 by the Province of British Columbia Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin, declaring that “April 14, 2021, shall be known as ‘Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Equality Day’ in the Province.

Decreed in the name of Queen Elizabeth II, the Proclamation noted that British Columbia is ‘a culturally diverse province comprising many peoples and communities’.

It added that the “Indigenous people, Black people and people of colour in British Columbia continue to experience systemic racism, injustices, discrimination and hate” and the province’s government was committed to address all forms of racism.

The descendants of Dr. Ambedkar – grandsons Dr. Prakash Ambedkar and Anand Ambedkar – and other prominent personalities, including Union Minister of State for Social Justice Ramdas Athawale and Dr. Raut have congratulated the British Columbia government for its move.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the 130th birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar – a great legal luminary, renowned economist, politician, author, champion of the downtrodden masses and social reformer – which will be celebrated in a big way with several functions scheduled in India and Ambedkarites world over.