GH bodies extend support to protesting staff

TURA, May 10: In the wake of GHADC authorities issuing a termination threat against agitating Council employees under the banner of the NGEA, prominent organisations from Garo Hills on Monday warned of a massive protest if even a single employee is axed from service.
Organisations including the Tengsak-led GSU, AYWO and FAF issued a strong warning to the authorities even as they extended full support to the agitating employees in what they termed ‘a fight for justice and dues deserved by them’.
The organisations pointed out that despite the non-payment of their salaries, the employees, prior to their agitation, had kept the GHADC running which was commendable, and their last-ditch effort to highlight their woes to the authorities by way of agitation is valid and democratically legitimate.
“The employees have families. What they must have gone through for daily food, fees and expenditures including health issues? How many have died because they were simply unable to pay the hospital bills? The horrendous treatment of the employees has gone on for long enough,” they said.
The organisations added that while the agitating employees have refused to call off their protest, the NGEA had declared that the GHADC is open and the officers are allowed to work with the exception of the secretary — the reason being that they do not appreciate being unpaid which is the prime bone of contention.
Pointing out that the majority of the employees belong to the indigenous Garo community, the organisations resolved to fight tooth and nail for their rights and stage democratic agitations all over Garo Hills if even one of the employees is sacked.

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