Vote BJP to power in 2023, get ILP in 5 mins: Sanbor

Shillong, July 30: Despite several attempts, while the NPP-led MDA Government has so far failed to get the Inner Line Permit (ILP) implemented in the state, BJP leader and newly-inducted Cabinet Minister Sanbor Shullai said Meghalaya can get ILP in five minutes, if BJP is voted to power in the state in 2023.
“If we have our own full-fledged BJP government, we will get ILP in 5 minutes,” Shullai told reporters after taking charge of office on Friday.
The three-time legislator from South Shillong cited that BJP ruled states in the North East region are getting lots of benefits besides different kinds of schemes.
“We will benefit like the other states of the region where the BJP is in power. I am sure the BJP-led Central government will fulfil our pending demands if the party manages to form the next government in the state,” Shullai said.
Claiming that the BJP-ruled states in the Northeast are progressing very well, he said they are receiving large amount of funds for various developmental projects.
He said the people of Nagaland are very intelligent as they elected 12 from the BJP as MLAs despite it being a Christian-majority state.
“The students of Nagaland are enjoying as they are receiving various scholarships from the Centre. We will also benefit if we vote for the BJP,” Shullai said.
According to him, if the BJP manages to form the government on its own, then the state will get different kinds of schemes from the Central government. He urged people to ignore the anti-BJP propaganda.
On his taking over at a time when there have been various allegations against the MDA government, Shullai replied: “Those who know how to steal the police will not arrest them and those who don’t know how to steal the police will arrest them.”
Shullai credits berth to BJP heads
Shullai also said that he was inducted into the state Cabinet replacing Health Minister, AL Hek based on a directive of the party’s central leadership.
Stating that there was a delay in the enforcement of an agreement on the cabinet berth sharing with Hek which was arrived at in 2018 during the formation of MDA Government, Shullai said the BJP’s incumbent state president, Ernest Mawrie was not aware of the agreement.
“Possibly, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, who had visited the state recently, was made aware of this agreement. I think a directive came from the central leadership that he (Hek) should pave the way for my induction into the Cabinet,” Shullai told reporters.
He said he does not think the party leadership would take such a big decision without informing Hek.
“If the party leadership could inform me of this, I am sure a similar message had also gone to Hek. As a disciplined leader of the party, I had decided to take the responsibility of serving as a Cabinet Minister,” Shullai said.
When he was reminded of his “Hek should continue till the full term” statement made in December last year, Shullai said he had then given up the hope of becoming a Minister as the issue of sharing of the Cabinet berth died down.
“I thought my dream of becoming a Minister for the remaining two and half years will not materialize. So, I had decided on preparing myself for the 2023 elections,” he said.  When pointed out that he can serve only for a year and a half in the present government, Shullai said he was not worried about it. He said his goal was to serve the people of the state in the best of his ability.
He said he does not foresee any infighting or differences within the party on the issue of his induction into the Cabinet.
“As responsible leaders, we should be concerned about the interest of the party and leave aside our personal interest. I don’t think the party will get reduced to factions,” Shullai said.
Asked if he will back Hek for the post of party’s state president, Shullai avoided a direct reply by saying everybody is free to contest.
“Let’s see when the time comes. I would not like to comment further on this now,” he added.

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