Motorist killed in road mishap

TURA, Sep 14: A motorist was killed two days ago in a road mishap when an overspeeding vehicle, suspectedly a dumper truck, ran over him.
It may be mentioned that the use of the Ampati-Mahendraganj-Purakhasia-Dalu route by overspeeding dumper trucks has become a threat to not only commuters but also pedestrians.
Amsrang R Marak of Jarangkona village, who was riding his motorcycle, was passing through Genapara village in the Purakhasia border belt of West Garo Hills when he was hit by an overspeeding vehicle coming from the opposite side.
The vehicle reportedly ran over him and sped on, causing grievous injuries to him.
The victim was then imeediately rushed to the primary health centre at Purakhasia but succumbed to his injuries shortly after.
Police have, meanwhile, initiated investigation into the case.
Since the past year, several groups including village communities have been registering strong protest against the movement of dumper trucks, particularly those ferrying boulders from Bhutan for export to Bangladesh.
The locals accuse these truckers of overspeeding and causing damage to the road because of overloading.
Despite several complaints to authorities, no solution has so far been made in regard to this everyday situation and the local residents continue to suffer.

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