Could an Indian Pastime Could Eventually Go Worldwide?

Everyone around the world has their own hobbies and pastimes that they enjoy. In India, of the many different things that people do, playing cards is one of them, especially with older members of families. When it comes to card games, there are many to choose from, although one stands out as being big and that is Teen Patti.

This game is often at the heart of gatherings and family parties, as people enjoy a game against their family and friends who are there. For decades, we have seen the popularity of this game in India grow, but it is often regarded as a hidden gem, with few other countries around the world knowing about it, and therefore not playing the game.

That may be about the change over the next decade, and this is all thanks to online gaming. Whether in India or somewhere else, you no longer need to play with friends and family in your home, there are now real money Teen Patti games available online for players to enjoy. This also takes away the need to have friends and family who want to play, in the past if you wanted to play but no one else did, you had to miss out, but now you don’t.

Worldwide Spread of the Game

Now that there is a platform for players to play online, and there is a way of learning about the game without going to India, the expectation is that other countries will begin to get involved. This is likely to take time, so don’t expect anything too soon, but the key is that something is now available to make this happen, which could see the game not only make the Indian national news, but also elsewhere in the world.

One of the aspects of the game that could appeal to many is the simpleness of things. This is a card game, but not like too many others, it is a card game you can relax with rather than one you need to be fully focused on.

Those who have played poker in the past will have a head start, as the hands are worked out in exactly the same way. This will bring immediate familiarity to players who try out this game, even though they are playing it for the first time.

The final aspect that could really help this game go worldwide is down to accessibility. No longer do players need a computer to play online at home, something that many people don’t have. Now, thanks to big investment and advancements in technology from mobile phone companies like Apple and Samsung.

These advancements mean that mobile phones can handle even the most complex games, so all you need to join in is a mobile phone and an internet connection.

With phones so advanced now, even those who have no option but to buy used models that are a few years old, are now able to get involved if they wish, opening up the game to millions of players.

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