Shocking incident


The incident of a man in West Khasi Hills raping both his daughters repeatedly and apparently with the knowledge of his wife and her brother (the children’s uncle) is bizarre and reeks of the worst form of incest ever heard in Khasi society. Perhaps such acts also occurred in the past but were closely guarded family secrets. Thankfully now there are activists and others who help victims file an FIR. I believe the police have a duty to create awareness about the need to report such cases. It is important for society to take responsibility to end such crimes. It is difficult to fathom the moral depravity of a person who cannot even respect his own innocent minor daughters. How can anyone sink so low? What have we come to as a society? Is it the influence of pornography which is now so easily available on one’s mobile phone? Or what sort of carnal desire would rob a man of his senses that he would not even feel a twinge of conscience? Is it not time for our society to start talking about these hidden sins which reveal that we are just as good or as bad as any other patriarchal society? Or shall we continue to live in cuckoo land where everything appears hunky dory but is all rotten inside? Times for serious reflection.

Yours etc.,

C. Kharbani,

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Incest at its worst


The shocking news item “Headman held over alleged incest on WKH’ (ST Oct 9, 2021) is an example of a person who lacks control over his lustful desires. The person, under allegation, might otherwise be a good man, but simply because he lost control over his sensuous appetite, has fallen in disgrace. Of late, we have heard many reports where highly respected people have similarly fallen prey to such illicit acts, which is a theologically sinful and legally criminal act. Without naming anyone, we have seen how eminent jurists, journalists, doctors, and even religious heads, were caught being sensually weak. The Me-Too movement is full of such lustful abuses committed by well-known personalities. Besides condemning such acts and punishing the actors, nothing has been done so far to prevent such sins/crimes. Why is there no medical aid, yogic exercise, or psychiatric clinic to help those males who wish to control/overcome their strong lustful impulses? I am sure many right-thinking men would seek such help. Such help, if provided would go a long way in preventing such crimes and also would be a help in family planning too.

Yours etc…

Krishna Chettri


Is MUDA listening?


I would like to bring to the notice of Meghalaya Urban Development Authority (MUDA) regarding the unauthorized construction of adding an extra floor in the building “Barun Apartments” at Lower Motinagar, Shillong, by the owner. They have added an illegal 7th floor without any information to MUDA or seeking due permission from them. In doing so they are endangering the lives of people and also the homes in the surrounding area.
Since the building is owned by former minister, it appears that MUDA is either intimidated by her or have some clandestine understanding with her, or MUDA is downright uninterested in carrying out the duties they are bound to in order to ensure the safety of the residents of the said apartment.
We had intimated the MUDA authorities earlier too, but they do not seem to be bothered about the safety of the residents in the said building and of the building around it.
We earnestly urge the concerned authorities to take corrective action.

Yours etc.,

Vikash Saraogi,

Secretary, Barun Apartments
Residents Society

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Much deserved Nobel awardees


Norway’s Nobel Committees that rose above the barriers of racism, prejudices, stereotypes and discriminations and chose the Nobel Prize winners in keeping with the era must be commended. These social evils bring social inequalities. These inequalities are often reflected even in the choice of the Nobel Prize winners, especially winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Above all, the fields to which the quality of the work applied also makes this year’s Nobel Prizes special.
Over the years, arguments have arisen over gender inequality in the choice of the Nobel Prize. In fact, very few women had won the Nobel Prize until a few years ago. So the Committee had to strive harder to bring gender equality. This apart, criticisms were levelled against the Committee for showing favouritism towards American and European writers in the choice of winners for Literature Nobel.
At a time when news dissemination faces challenges such as restrictions on reporting news against the rulers, fake news, misinformation and so on, conferring the Peace Nobel on Maria Ressa of the Philippines, cofounder of an online news portal which has shown extreme bravery in reporting news is indeed in line with the needs of the era. Similarly, Dmitri Moratov of Russia who became the co-winner of the Peace Nobel spent terrible time in Russia as a journalist where speaking truth against those in power brings punishment and even death. And the most suitable choice for Nobel Prize for Literature was Abdulrazak Gurnah, a UK- based Tanzanian writer. He won the Prize for his uncompromising and compassionate depiction of the effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugees. As for the seven winners of the Nobel Prize in science, the choices were made taking into account the fields to which the quality of their work applied. Issues such as climate change and environmental conservation were taken into consideration for awarding the coveted prizes.

Yours etc.,

Venu GS,


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