Installation of smart meters does not complete contract

SHILLONG, Oct 13: The Chief Engineer (Projects) MePDCL, SB Umdor has contested the allegation that he had issued a completion certificate to M/s Satnam Global Infratech Ltd without the smart meters having generated the bills which is the very purpose of their installation. While smart meters have been installed in a few homes, those residents continue to receive bills in the old format which is given by the meter readers.
An official notification notice sent out by the Chief Engineer (Projects) MePDCL dated Oct 12 says that a review meeting to be chaired by the Director (Distribution), MePDCL, will be held on October 19 next to “discuss the matter relating to generation of smart meter electricity bills through UGO Billing System of the already installed smart meter consumers, numbering approximately 28,000 and generation of normal bills of the consumers already migrated to UGO Billing System.” This implies that bills are yet to be generated, which in itself is another process.
Informed sources in the MeECL maintain that until the smart meter has generated the UGO Utility Billing ERP, the contractor cannot claim to have completed the project.
Some of the smart meters installed in Williamnagar Bazar are hanging by a nail and appear like they are in no condition to generate smart bills.
Another question that has been raised by knowledgeable engineers in the
MeECL is whether consumers have been given the mobile phone app for tracking real time electricity consumption as mandated in the tender document. “Without generating bills how can the project be certified complete?’ the engineers questioned.

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