Where is money earmarked for Umiam Lake, AITC asks govt

Umiam Lake .(ST file photo)

SHILLONG, Feb 16: The Opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) on Wednesday questioned the state government on the whereabouts of Rs 19.33 crore meant earmarked for maintenance of the Umiam Lake.
“The beautiful Umiam Lake has turned into a dumping ground. It seems an oxymoron almost that the state, known for its rich ecology, is ignorant towards pollution of the water bodies. Can the Chief Minister answer where did the amount of Rs 19.33 crore meant for maintaining the lake go?” the AITC questioned.
Pointing out that the High Court of Meghalaya had recently observed that the executive action in maintaining the lakes in the state is non-existent, the AITC said, “Is people’s money going into junkyards in the hands of this government? Can it be concluded that the MDA government’s motive is to rob Meghalaya of its ecological heritage?”
“The NPP-led MDA Government in the state bats no eyelids towards the environmental decline in the state. In addition to the already rapidly reducing green cover in the state, now the peril has hit Umiam Lake and the delicate ecology in its adjacent territories,” the party added.