Vikrant Massey: I’ve seen people being ostracised for following their heart

Mumbai, Feb 22 : Actor Vikrant Massey, who is playing the male protagonist in the upcoming film ‘Love Hostel’, says he has observed how people get ostracised by society and their own families simply for following their dreams.

‘Love Hostel’ addresses the issue of honour killing and inter-faith marriage.

Talking about understanding the mental makeup of the character Ashu that he plays in the film, Vikrant told IANS: “It is true that I come from a blessed family where even though there are people who had inter-caste and inter-faith marriages, I have never seen any negativity. So the reality of my life is very different from my character Ashu in the film. But I cannot discount the fact that there are people I have noticed in our society who are being ostracised by not only the society but also by their own family members. That is all the more hurtful when you are thrown away by your own family and loved ones only because you have followed your heart and lived life on your own terms.”

As the story is set post the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how the lead couple in the film faced honour killing due to their inter-faith marriage, Vikrant further added, “We all know what happens to a specific religious community post-September 11, 2001. The story is also capturing that time and situation.”

Directed by Shanker Raman, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and Drishyam Films, ‘Love Hostel’, also featuring Bobby Deol, releases on February 25 on ZEE5.(IANS)

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