HYC slams silence of NPP allies on border agreement

SHILLONG, May 13: Accusing political parties of keeping their interest ahead of the people and the state, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Friday said their silence during the MDA coordination meeting on the burning issue of the border MoU was expected.
HYC president, Robertjune Kharjahrin said, “We know that all the coalition parties have ministers in the Conrad Sangma-led Cabinet except for a few Independent MLAs and the lone NCP MLA, Saleng A Sangma. They were all part and parcel of the decision on MoU right from the beginning.”
He also pointed out that the demand for review of the MoU came from leaders of the UDP, HSPDP, PDF and BJP who are not part of the Cabinet.
According to Kharjahrin, this is clear indication of a communication gap between the MLAs and non-MLAs of the parties who are part of the MDA.
Admitting that the state government will never review the MoU on its own since it has made its stand clear, he said the two state governments will review the agreement only if there is a directive from the Home Ministry.
“Otherwise it is only the court that can strikes down the MoU,” he said.
Kharjahrin also pointed out that apart from the Independence Act of 1947, Para 20 of the Sixth Schedule, the Assam Reorganisation Act of 1969 and the North East Reorganisation Act of 1971 clearly state that the territory of the district councils shall comprise the territory of the Khasi States and the territory of Khasi and Jaintia Hills districts.

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